Month: October 2014

Code School Brings Its Instructional Videos For Developers To iOS

"A community first, a business second." We love that. Code School is [...]

How the smart home will evolve

"The question on my mind with regards to the smart home these days is the following: Will software be abstracted from hardware? Or put another way, will [...]

Wired: On Learning By Doing

"Against this arresting background, an exciting new kind of learning is taking place in America. Alternatively framed as maker classes, after-school innovation [...]

Tim Armstrong Doesn’t Say The Wrong Thing About Women In The Workplace

I will no longer think snarky dial-up-tone type thoughts when I see an AOL email address appear in my inbox (not often, but still [...]

Data, Data, Data

As I scroll down my feed, this is the word I see jumping out at me today: DATA. Data, data, data. We talk about data a lot. Data is the new currency and is [...]

Stephenson Talks Science, Sci-Fi and IT

Let's take a break with some tech-adjacent work: favorite author Neal Stephenson talks science, sci-fi and IT and why apocalyptic fiction has taken such a [...]

Drone developers get big open source boost from Linux Foundation, vendors like 3D Robotics and Box

The name of the game lately is consolidation, mainly consolidation of assets to make things more accessible to [...]

Finnish Prime Minister Can’t Stop Blaming Apple For Finland’s Economic Woes

Apple-hate on a whole different level. Also, it's always interesting to pull the curtain back and view the workings of licensing deals and the like, behind [...]

A man was caught watching real world !!

A man was caught watching real world [...]

Philips launches wearable for chronic illness, to make the internet of things medical-grade

Who's going to Structure Connect next week in San Francisco? We can't but we'll be watching for your tweets and blogs from the front lines. This is a really [...]