Month: December 2014

These 5 trends will change social media in 2015

This is an interesting look at the world of social media change as we head into the new year. The landscape is broadening and deepening, and the note about IoT [...]

Perspective from the East Coast

"Sure, it’s “sexy and glamorous and fun” to work for consumer tech startups, said Robert Coughlin, chief executive of [...]

The City as a System

This is an interesting article on where wearables meet government. It's not just body cameras any more! "Data-transmitting pills (or implants) can be [...]

The Cloud of Things

"Pertino CMO Todd Krautkremer believes the Internet of Things should be called the Cloud of Things, since you can only derive its full benefit through cloud [...]

The Rise of the Machines

Here it comes. Are you ready? We [...]