Month: March 2017

5 Ways to Increase Vehicle Fleet Safety Through IOT

Ensuring the safety of your vehicle operators and staff is of the utmost importance for fleet managers.  Every year many avoidable injuries and deaths [...]

How Can We Use IoT Technology to Prevent Fires?

The Cold Colorado Winter Myth When most people hear Colorado, they immediately think Rocky Mountains, luxurious ski resorts, snowy winters, and perhaps [...]

How Customized Alerts Can Increase Business and Restaurant Efficiencies

  Managing a successful, and profitable, business is a lot of work.  Managers must have a clear idea of the direction of their company, a deep [...]

How Actionable IoT Data Reduces Operational Costs

Ensuring your business is continually running efficiently is crucial to minimizing costs and maximizing profits.  Staffing, wastage, maintenance, and [...]