Fathym Emulated Data Flow

Fathym Vs Azure Portal: Configuring an end-to-end IoT Infrastructure

Fathym’s Low-Code Framework makes configuring data flows quick and easy. In the video below, we demonstrate how Fathym can be used to set up end-toend data flows using drag-and-drop tools within our IDE (Integrated Developer Environment). Users can easily configure the following Azure cloud resourcesIoT Hub (Device Stream), Event Hub (Data Stream), Stream Analytics Job (Data Map), Binary Storage (Cold Storage), Cosmos DB (Warm Storage),  Service Bust Topic (Hot Storage), Azure Functions to create emulated data and an HTTP Function to query your data into a dashboard.

Once saved and provisioned, in about a minute you have an end-to-end enterprise data flow without having to touch the Azure portal. This process could be done entirely in the Azure portal but is tedious and time consuming for even the most seasoned Azure user.  

What will you do with your extra time? To see just how simple this process is with Fathym, check out this video: 

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