Fathym Top 12 of 2015

Can you believe we've reached the end of another new year? Yeah, we can't either. But, like it or not, here we are. New Year's is a great time to look back on [...]

Why Space Needs Innovative Companies

It's an article of epic length, but so worth the read. Wait But Why's latest entry, How (and Why) SpaceX Will Colonize Mars, not just because, well, space, [...]

The Rise of the Machines

Here it comes. Are you ready? We [...]

Meet Plague: An app plumbing the depths of viral networking

This sounds SO COOL. The collision of science, art and technology. "In such an off-grid network, there’s no easy means of blocking individual users or [...]

NYC to Host World Cup for Problem-Solving Startups This Month

“We’re not looking for the next Angry Birds or Yo,” Ms. Harris said. “We’re looking for the next solution to traffic gridlock, a pathbreaking health [...]

Stephenson Talks Science, Sci-Fi and IT

Let's take a break with some tech-adjacent work: favorite author Neal Stephenson talks science, sci-fi and IT and why apocalyptic fiction has taken such a [...]

Drone developers get big open source boost from Linux Foundation, vendors like 3D Robotics and Box

The name of the game lately is consolidation, mainly consolidation of assets to make things more accessible to [...]

Wacky fun: Mainstream video art on The Simpsons

Bullett Media called it: this is, indeed, bizarre and brilliant, a must-see Simpsons intro. It's pretty rad that a) The Simpsons-still going after all these [...]