Connected Tech for Pet Lovers: Meet pup•eeze

Last year we launched our Fathym Innovations initiative as an opportunity to support compelling projects and showcase the Fathym technology with diverse, [...]

A Mile High and a Little Tipsy: Optimizing Brewing through IoT

Denver, Colo. is the Mile High City and the 5280 is just CRAZY about beer. Denver is a mecca of craft breweries. Biz Journal writes, “With 348 (breweries), [...]
Construction Workers

Construction Industry Gets a Safety Boost from Wearables

Wearables are Growing Up The wearable industry has excited us for a long time. The promise of clothing and watches improving our health and efficiency is [...]

Hardware as a Service

Platform as a Service, Software as a Service, Infrastructure as a Service.... the service model is growing and with good reason: it keeps monthly costs and [...]

Fathym is Teaming with Bryan Cave and Colorado Law to Give Law Students Training

We're excited about this new partnership! We're teaming up with global law firm Bryan Cave LLP and the University of Colorado Law School to make legal [...]
Industrial IoT Market

The Industrial Internet of Things is Exploding

And we mean that in a good way. Check out 56 start-ups that are pushing the [...]

Why Space Needs Innovative Companies

It's an article of epic length, but so worth the read. Wait But Why's latest entry, How (and Why) SpaceX Will Colonize Mars, not just because, well, space, [...]

The Ring Is Real

Being able to use custom gestures to control smart devices? Awesome! There's a new Precious in [...]

Perspective from the East Coast

"Sure, it’s “sexy and glamorous and fun” to work for consumer tech startups, said Robert Coughlin, chief executive of [...]

NYC to Host World Cup for Problem-Solving Startups This Month

“We’re not looking for the next Angry Birds or Yo,” Ms. Harris said. “We’re looking for the next solution to traffic gridlock, a pathbreaking health [...]