The Fathym IoT Data & Device Framework reduces the complexity and expense of innovating and maintaining IoT solutions across an organization.


The end-to-end Framework simplifies IoT, from hardware and data ingest, to data visualization and app creation.



Fathym’s data services rest on cloud infrastructure (public, private or hybrid) to simplify and automate data management operations while providing seamless access to data for real-time monitoring, machine learning, analytics and delivery through APIs and applications.


Key Features


Field Gateway

Fathym’s Field Gateway application connects to sensors via a proprietary Bluetooth Low Energy technology.

The application sends data to the cloud via WiFi or cellular.

Data Ingest

Fathym’s data ingest capabilities connects machinery and assets, enabling customers to monitor previously inaccessible real-time data.

Fathym lets you fuse data from sensors, devices and data feeds into one central data management framework.

Device Management

Fathym allows users to monitor, manage and calibrate devices with ease.

Data Fusion

Fathym enables the fusion of data from disparate systems and silos.

Get access to the full range of data — not just what is present on a single system.


There is a vast amount of data available, but making sense of that data is often a challenge.

Fathym enables point-and-click creation of multiple IoT endpoints and configurations for disparate data management needs and use-case scenarios.

Enterprise Dashboards

Fathym’s easily customizable dashboards offer a full suite of features to enable enterprises to drive efficiencies and boost productivity.

Access the precise data that is needed at the exact moment of relevance by setting alerts & notifications.

Create and combine both real-time and historical dashboards to address the needs of various end-users and gain insight into the operations of your organization.

The robust user management and role-based permission systems enables users to direct data and assets to the correct personnel/groups in your organization.

Application Development Framework

Fathym provides an enterprise scalable application development framework for creating high-powered, customizable applications.

Our flexible framework design enables rapid prototyping to quickly monetize insights elicited from complex systems and data.