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Explore the Fathym Low-Code Framework through an interactive demo. Get to know our tools through guided tours and pre-set data flows and apps. 

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The Fathym Low-Code Framework enables developers to host, manage and deploy data applications by applying best practice workflows for cloud infrastructure automation and application orchestration.  

Fathym automates the setup of a best practice cloud infrastructure environment on the Microsoft Azure accounts of our users, but we want you to be able to easily try out and explore our tools for yourself. We’ve created an interactive demo to guide you through creating data flows and data apps of your own.  

Simply sign up and start exploring. 

Data Flows

Our data flow manager is a powerful drag and drop interface for easily configuring and provisioning end-to-end cloud infrastructure. We have created a sample best practice IoT environment for you to explore using an emulated device data flow. You can also use our drag and drop interface to connect dummy Azure resources and create your own data flow. 

Data Flow Fathym Live Demo

Data Apps

Data Apps Fathym Live Demo

Data applications are quick and easy ways to host, manage and deploy scalable web apps and sites, easily managed for multiple end users. Fathym leverages NPM node packages to organize and deploy any previous or current version of your application to your custom domain. 

We provide several open-source apps for you to explore. You can also create and configure your own data app. 

Go Further

To create and save data apps and data flows, upgrade to our Starter and Pro packages with a 14-day free trial.

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