Fathym’s monitoring capabilities help turn forensic information into actionable data for data centers and other similar businesses.

Modern data centers are equipped with all sorts of different systems, whether it be water, power, or storage capacity. As a result, data managers at these facilities have information coming from in all different directions from a variety of different sources with no feasible way to correlate it.

Fathym brings all of these data elements together to form one cohesive picture. Think of it as a single pane of glass containing all of the information in your data center. Before IoT technology solutions like Fathym, the only way to correlate this data was for a human to sift through it all and determine if action needed to be taken. Not only is this inefficient, but it also prevents you from seeing the bigger picture. Fathym helps turn forensic data into preventative data, allowing you to take action before any problems arise.

All of the information in your data center is connected. Fathym helps you realize these connections to draw conclusions and make decisions.

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Fathym lets you track a variety of different data elements within your data center including:

    • Kilowatt hours being utilized
    • Water temperature
    • Bandwidth utilization
    • CPU cycles
    • Storage capacity

Using Fathym data monitoring technology, you can also create alerts on failed backups and login attempts, transfer file size, or any other user-defined parameters based on incoming data. The ability to track this information helps data managers be proactive and prevent disasters rather than picking up the pieces later.

Why Choose Fathym Data Monitoring?

Fathym’s data monitoring system is completely different from anything else on the market. Here is why: Usually when a data center has multiple systems and data sources in place, the only way to consolidate them is to use programmers to develop solutions involving various APIs. This isn’t the case for Fathym. When a client comes to us and tells us they need data aggregated and monitored, we work with you to create a pathway to the data, rather than leave all the heavy lifting up to you!

We have built a sophisticated translation capacity that allows us to ingest, visualize, and alert on your data in hours, regardless of the data format. This is a process that typically takes weeks, even months, when custom development is needed. As a result, Fathym significantly reduces deployment time – saving you large sums of money on labor cost and allowing you to see your ROI earlier.

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