Using Fathym technology, managers of large restaurant or retail chains can significantly cut costs and allow them to prevent disasters before they happen.

Before the Internet of Things, restaurants and retail businesses would lose considerable amounts of money on small operational problems that can be tracked and monitored by sensors. These include situations such as the lights being left on overnight, the oven hood left up, or the back door propped open. All of these small things easily add up to big losses.

Fortunately, Fathym’s restaurant and retail solution allows machines, appliances, and computers to transmit large amounts of data to cloud-based applications that will automatically analyze and act upon it. Not only does this give businesses the power to maximize the lifetimes of important operational assets, but it also allows them to maintain an excellent level of service to customers, enhance product quality, and minimize operational costs.

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Key Features:

    • Customized Dashboard: View all of your data, regardless of the source, in a display that makes sense to you
    • Manage: Troubleshoot and control your sensors and alerts right from your dashboard
    • Rules Engine: Develop custom alerts based on incoming data

If you manage a large portfolio of restaurants, you can use Fathym technology to remotely monitor your ovens, stoves, and other cooking equipment to ensure that your cooking efficiency is optimized and that you are providing consistently high-quality food across all locations.

Alternatively, if you operate a retail chain, you can use Fathym solutions to monitor energy use. You could potentially be wasting money and energy when the lights are kept on overnight or a back door is propped open. Through mounted sensors on equipment or assets, you can receive data through your dashboard that is easy to analyze and draw actionable conclusions from.

Why Choose Fathym Solutions?

By employing Fathym solutions for your retail or restaurant business, you will be able to intelligently use data gathered by sensors on a variety of assets in order to respond quickly and in real-time. Not only will Fathym help your business avoid malfunctions or equipment failures, but it will also help to prevent costly maintenance and operational expenses.

From the customized dashboard, you can automatically adjust your sensor settings, receive alerts about potential problems, and troubleshoot any existing problems. Fathym brings all of your data elements together to form one cohesive image. Using this connected data, you will be able to draw conclusions and make actionable decisions.

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