The Fathym Data & Device Framework enables efficient and safe transportation. Manage resources, optimize Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) and avoid risk through real-time, hyper-local weather forecasting.


Manage Resources


Avoid Accidents & Delays


Optimize Routing & ETA







Fathym’s WeatherCloud Solution transforms maintenance, transportation and routing operations by providing accurate, hyper-local road conditions.

Many businesses and organisations affected by local road and weather conditions have had no reasonable means to access the data they need to make strategic business decisions. While satellite weather covers a large area, it doesn’t always match with the conditions on the road.


WeatherCloud changes this.


WeatherCloud collects data from mobile weather sensor packs that communicate to an in-vehicle field gateway application, as well as stationary WeatherMesh environmental monitoring stations. This data is then aggregated into customized dashboards to view current road conditions, future forecasts, and set alerts based on incoming data.




WeatherCloud is Ground Truth weather. We provide the Data satellite systems can’t.



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Annual Cost of Delay Due to Adverse Weather to Trucking Industry




Advance knowledge of how weather will impact your key routes can save your fleet millions in reduced risk of accidents, weather-related delays, and customer-imposed penalties for late deliveries and fuel savings.

Fathym’s WeatherCloud Solution can significantly enhance your ability to accurately predict and manage a fleet’s response to adverse weather.




Prepare the fleet’s response to adverse weather well in advance


Maximize driver’s hours


Reduce the risk of accidents and unplanned maintenance



Dispatchers can simply glance at their Fathym data dashboard for any information they may need to make routing decisions.

Dispatchers can also check in on drivers and ensure that they are on time, not speeding, and not making unnecessary stops on their routes. By setting up custom alerts, vehicle notifications can be deployed for weather conditions, vehicle speed and geo-fencing. Separate roles and responsibilities by creating custom management portals for managers, drivers, and other employees.










WeatherCloud Ground Truth forecasts provide actionable information to drivers to improve safety and routing during changing and inclement weather conditions. Information about slick roads, low visibility, high crosswinds, lightning, floods and tornadoes can be integrated into the connected car, providing localized forecasts for the weather conditions of the road ahead.


Micro-forecasts and tire friction data can then be utilized to send predictive pavement condition information back to the vehicle's Engine Control Unit (ECU) to dynamically enhance the car's Electronic Stability System (ESS), and further optimize suspension, hard braking and torque management in adverse weather conditions.



Alert driver's to adverse conditions

Enhance vehicles' Electronic Stability Systems

Improve driver safety



Fathym is working with the Alaska Department of Transportation to outsmart Mother Nature and make the roads of Alaska safer. Our WeatherCloud solution is being employed by the Alaska DoT to make better, hyper-local decisions on when and where to deploy road crews and treat roads with anti-icing chemicals.

Keeping 5,600 of state roads clear with limited resources is a hugely difficult task. On the one hand, the department cannot afford to deploy snow plows if they are not needed, but on the other hand, not deploying resources when they are risks drivers’ wellbeing.

Relying on standard precipitation-based forecast models doesn’t cut it in Alaska’s micro-weather climate.



This is where WeatherCloud comes in.

We have now installed mobile sensor packs on 70 DoT vehicles, along with four roadside WeatherMesh stations. Together with standard meteorological data we collect and aggregate ground level weather conditions such as temperature, precipitation, wind speed, visibility and pavement conditions. The Fathym Data & Device Framework then generates real-time, road weather reports that feed into the DoT Maintenance Decision Support System.




Fathym’s WeatherCloud Solution empowers Alaska DoT crews to make the right decisions at the right time.

With our help, the Alaska DoT hopes to reduce road accidents in the range of 80% while saving hundreds of thousands of dollars each year in resource usage.