Fathym offers custom content and app management solutions to help you take your IoT solutions further.

We have recently applied this to educational technology through a partnership with The Indigo Project, in which we created an app that lets them upload and manage content and data for over 40 schools, 1,000 teachers and 20,000 students. Each of these 40 schools has their own app that teachers, professors, counselors, and administrators can use to access student reports, data, teaching materials and more.

Using Fathym, school professionals and teachers have access to a cloud-based, customized content and data management platform that they can use to access student reports quickly and easily for use in student development, classroom management, counseling, and faculty-student relationship-building. Faculty can also access school wide data easily through customized displays and visually-rich data graphs.

Fathym’s content and app management solutions do not apply solely to schools. All types of businesses can use our technology to pull in and store large amounts of data and content from different sources, organize, and display it in a way that makes sense to each user. Upload employee data files for HR use or import sales data from Excel and view your data in a chart, graph, map, or gauge format. Fathym’s dashboard is easy to use, totally secure, and completely personalized.

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Key Features

    • Permissions: Create roles, such as student, teacher, and admin, with different permission settings
    • Collaboration: Create shared spaces and folders for users to access content and add real-time chat and comments to any folder
    • Apps: Create different apps for your end users, each with custom URLs, landing pages, and themes
    • Analytics: See who is accessing each piece of content and how often
    • Cloud: Fathym solutions are hosted securely in the cloud, allowing you to access them from wherever you are and giving your solution the ability to scale
    • Rules: Manage your sensors and assets in different classrooms or rooms in your business by setting up custom dashboards and alerts and notifications around them

Why Choose Fathym?

Fathym’s customizable and flexible data management solutions help schools administrators and business owners better manage and control their assets and information. Not only does Fathym allow users to upload a virtually unlimited amount of data and information, but they can also choose to see the data in a variety of different formats and create apps for users to view segmented portions of the data.

Managing a business is stressful enough. Fathym solutions provide a one-stop-shop for information, analytics, and content management. The permission feature allows you to share information with the users and employees that need access. Collaboration tools let you connect with employees and other users in a quick, seamless fashion and the rules feature will ensure that you have real-time views and updates on all assets to help your organization run smoothly. Fathym offers custom content and app management solutions to help you take your IoT education and business solutions further.