Fathym can be used to manage all of your assets, vehicle fleets, and more through our IoT fleet management technology. Our fleet management technology provides fleet managers with the road conditions and vehicle information needed to optimize routing and keep transportation assets rolling along safely and efficiently.

Fleet Manager can act as a tracking app or alert system for large companies with vehicles and drivers all over the country at any given moment. From a dispatcher’s perspective, this is extremely helpful as they can simply glance at their Fathym data dashboard for any information they may need to make routing decisions.

Dispatchers can also use Fathym to check in on drivers and ensure that they are on time, not speeding, and not making any unnecessary stops on their routes. This allows fleet managers to identify potential problems sooner and reduce risks before they become bigger issues that may impact driver safety, client satisfaction, or costs.

Fathym technologies can also act as a measure of preventative maintenance. Tracking your vehicles through your data fleet management dashboard allows you to easily monitor the health of your fleet. Using Fathym’s custom alerts, you can set up notifications for vehicle speed, geo-fences, and even weather condition.

Fleet Data Dashboard Speed Check Speed Graph

Fathym IoT fleet management allows you to:

    • Track assets in real time
    • View real-time data attributes
    • Set up custom alerts
    • Create custom management portals for managers, drivers, employees, and more

Why Choose Fathym Fleet Manager?

Before the Internet of Things, fleet management data had to be collected manually, which resulted in significant lags between an issue occurring, the issue being noticed, and action being taken to fix it. Fathym’s solutions allow you to collect, analyze, and interpret the information from your fleet as well as help you act on it before it becomes a costly problem.

Fathym fleet manager helps transportation managers optimize their costs and ensure that their budget is spent wisely. Aggregating all of your information into one customized data dashboard grants fleet managers the power to better understand how their operational dollars are spent and helps them identify areas that money can be saved. Get the benefits of our fleet management system today.