Real-time data empowers organizations at every level. Ordinary and routine data is transformed into impactful intelligence, which is used to make accurate and timely decisions. It’s at this intersection that companies shift from being reactive … to proactive.

Fathym offers alerts and events that provide accurate information at the precise moment of relevance. Send emails, texts or trigger an action in your app based on changing conditions and incoming data. But how does this technology work and what are the potential impacts on your business?

The Right Data … At the Right Moment

Fathym built their technology with a variety of industries in mind, from educational institutions to trucking companies to large enterprises. We understand that the backbone of your success is data. With real-time alerts and the ability to set trigger events, you can get business-critical data into the right hands faster.

For example, a large trucking company may operate dozens of fleet vehicles daily, and one critical element to its operations is weather. A serious storm can throw a wrench into logistics and interfere with driver safety. Using sophisticated alerts, you can get access to valuable new data sets and your logistics team can quickly reroute drivers based on current road conditions. There are many other benefits, including:

  • The ability to make fast, accurate decisions. As time passes, data becomes stale and less relevant. Capture relevant data and put it to use faster, resulting in more appropriate decisions.
  • Reduced costs and increased savings. The ability to make decisions faster translates to greater accuracy, fewer errors and higher efficiency. As a result, you’ll experience significant time and cost savings.
  • Efficient flow of information to staff. Timely communication is critical to staying connected and engaged with employees. Through real-time alerts, you can reach employees and provide relevant, timely information.
  • Driving better decision-making. Management teams are only as good as their data. Higher-quality, relevant data translates to better insights and decisions. Alerts and events provide this business-critical tool.
  • Enhanced safety. The example of the trucking company above shows how alerts play a critical role in safety. Real-time data provides the ability to reroute and make other critical safety decisions faster and with better accuracy.

Harness the power of real-time alerts and events today.

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