Business is rapidly evolving and, with these changes, technology demands are shifting. Apps must be intuitive to use, promote greater collaboration and fit seamlessly into daily business operations. Designing and deploying these apps, however, isn’t always easy. In fact, it often takes far too much time and drains already taxed resources. But Fathym is changing this.

The Fathym on-demand app creation engine allows you to build consumer-facing apps that combine the Internet of Things functionality with multimedia sharing and content management. But how does this work and what are the benefits?

Greater Efficiency, Greater Control

Companies of all sectors and sizes need apps, from the small educational institution to the medium-size trucking company to the large enterprise. But regardless of industry or size, they all have a common challenge: They must build an app quickly, easily and with maximum efficiency. They don’t have resources to waste.

Fathym holds the key to accomplishing this task. We provide technology that grants access to the fast creation and deployment of applications — and with minimal complexity from a user perspective.

For example, an educational institution may need to build an app that can upload and manage content. But it needs to deploy the app to dozens of schools, each with their own content and user specifications, which adds additional complexity. Fathym simplifies this task by providing customized content management and a robust data management platform — all with tools that make app creation simple.

Enjoy a variety of other benefits through Fathym’s app creation technology, including:

  • Greater functionality and features. Fathym offers robust user management and content management tools. Add images, text and other critical elements to the app with greater ease.
  • Customized applications. Create full HTML landing pages with custom URLs for your apps.
  • Personalized experiences. Full user management allows you to white list users and invite them to your app.
  • Total dashboard control. Enjoy total flexibility and control over what users view when logging into the app. Test and switch out different elements for optimal performance and engagement.
  • Robust analytics. Easily view who is accessing each piece of content and the frequency of that access. Through this capability, you can better understand and serve the needs of users.
  • Cloud technology. Fathym hosts apps securely in the cloud. This promotes increased collaboration, as users can access the exact features that they need at the moment of relevance. Plus, using cloud technology adds additional business continuity.
  • Linked data. Fathym is built on a graph database, allowing you to upload content once and link it to multiple apps and dashboards. This gives you the ability to edit and delete content from one location and have the changes automatically cascade to its linked locations.

Build robust apps that better serve users’ needs.

Fathym supports your app innovation, allowing you to rapidly launch apps that are tailored to your exact needs. For more information, simply call 303-900-3977 or email us today.

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