Build anything you can Fathym with a low-code IoT framework

Focus on what you want to build, not how to build it – Fathym empowers developers to rapidly and collaboratively create data applications and IoT solutions.

Launch Solutions Faster
With Less Resources

Fathym seamlessly integrates cloud infrastructure resources with open-source app development tools and sophisticated data management.

Flexible Architecture

Keep your data fluid and free. Fathym manages infrastructure complexity without trapping users in a proprietary platform or cloud – we never lock you in. Orchestrate the clouds, services, components and tools you want to use.

Low-Code Units

Open-source building blocks to structure data, processes and business logic – these always remain yours and are portable anywhere. Fathym’s Low-Code Unit Ecosystem keeps your solutions flexible and modular.

Intuitive Low-Code
Software Tools

Fathym empowers you to create data applications. Use point-and-click tools for rapid cloud infrastructure configuration, data flow management and dashboard building.

Code control

Your code is always yours. Unlike other vendors, Fathym enables developers and architects to go deeper and modify infrastructure, data management systems and code in any way you require.

Go ahead and jump in​

Building IoT solutions doesn’t have to be so time-consuming and resource intensive. Our low-code framework radically reduces the time and resources required.

We built our low-code IoT framework to remove complexity and empower developers, solution providers and systems integrators to focus on solving real problems.

Our Low-Code Units are the building blocks of a new language of enterprise problem solving.

Core Capabilities

Fathym Orchestrates
Connected Systems

Fathym provides the extensible environment and easy integration of multiple infrastructures, clouds, services, tools and datasets

open + distributed architecture ​

Seamless control and flexibility

cloud infrastructure configuration

Provision cloud resources in minutes

multi-tenant hosting​​

Keep costs down and security high

open standards​​

No need to learn new languages or tools

no platform lock-in​​

Move your code to other platforms or clouds at will

source code control​​

Dig deeper and modify code when required

Components Reusable Across Applications

Low-Code Units drastically reduce development time

full control over user experience​​

Full customization and GitHub repository integration


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