The Data Application Orchestration and Development Framework

Fathym handles data application orchestration and cloud infrastructure automation and management so developers don’t have to.

Fathym Does The Hard Work for You
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Fathym Does The Heavy Lifting

Developers don’t have time for the lengthy setup, research and mundane configuration tasks required to get projects off the ground. They have better things to do. Fathym handles the mundane so you don’t have to.

The Fathym Low-Code Framework radically reduces the time and work involved for developers to host, manage and deploy data-driven applications. We built the framework to do the heavy lifting so you can focus on building applications and creating value. 

How It Works


Cloud Infrastructure Automation

Fathym automates the setup of a best practice cloud infrastructure environment for data applications, hosted on Microsoft Azure. 


Configure Cloud Resources

Drag and drop configuration of cloud resources to provision end-to-end data flow environments.


Data Application Orchestration

Distributed application framework automates the hosting, version control and deployment of applications. Synchronous integration with NPM node packages and GitHub repositories. 


Build Data Applications

Open-source CLI (command line interface) and integration of third-party tools to rapidly build data applications. 

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What Makes Fathym Different?


Low-Code Unit

 A Low-Code Unit is a modular and reusable building block of code that can be as large as an application or as small as a data visualization. The Fathym Low-Code Framework is built entirely of Low-Code Units. Fathym’s underlying Low-Code Units are open source, so you can modify them as you see fit. 


Open Core

Fathym employs an open-core licensing model. Users can create custom Low-Code Units to structure data, processes and business logic – the units you create always remain yours and are portable anywhere. 


Microservices Orchestration

Fathym decouples frontend and backend development, enabling modular, distributed and independently deployable application orchestration and collaborative developer workflows. 


Automated Version Control

Applications are automatically hosted and maintained on Microsoft Azure. Hosted applications integrate synchronously with NPM node packages and GitHub repositories for seamless, microservices enabled version control. 


Open Architecture

Fathym manages infrastructure complexity without trapping users in a proprietary platform or cloud – we don’t lock you in. Our platform-agnostic architecture keeps business logic separate from the enabling technologies and languages you use. 

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