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The Low-Code IoT Framework to Accelerate Your Developer Team

Fathym seamlessly orchestrates cloud infrastructure configuration, data flow management and low-code application development tools.

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Launch Solutions Faster
With Fewer Resources

Building IoT solutions doesn’t have to be so time-consuming and resource intensive. Our low-code framework radically reduces the time and resources required by your developer team.

We built our low-code IoT framework to become a part of your developer team. The framework does the heavy lifting so your team can focus on solving complex problems for your customers.

What Does Fathym Do?


Set Up IoT Infrastructure

Automated provisioning of best practice IoT cloud infrastructure, hosted on Microsoft Azure.


Configure IoT Resources

No-code configuration of IoT resources and data flow mapping.


Visualize IoT Data

No-code dashboard tools to visualize real-time sensor data, embed historical reports and set up data-triggered alerts.


Build Data Applications

Low-code app building tools to rapidly launch and customize end-to-end solutions.

What Makes Fathym Different?


Intuitive Low-Code Software Tools

Fathym equips developer teams to rapidly build data applications. Use low-code point-and-click tools for rapid cloud infrastructure configuration, data flow management and dashboard building.


Low-Code Unit™

 A Low-Code Unit™  is a modular building block of code that can be as large as an application or as small as a data visualization. Fathym’s underlying Low-Code Units (LCUs) are open-source, so you can modify them as you see fit. Fathym enables users to create custom LCUs to structure your data, processes and business logic – the units you create always remain yours and are portable anywhere.


Open Core

Fathym embraces Open Source. We’ve built the core of our technology around keeping our Low-Code Units open source and customizable. The Framework is built to facilitate the orchestration of any tools in your technology stack.


Flexible Architecture

Keep your data fluid and free. Fathym manages infrastructure complexity without trapping users in a proprietary platform or cloud – we don’t lock you in


Code control

Your code is always yours. Unlike other vendors, Fathym enables developers to go deeper and modify cloud infrastructure, data management systems and code repositories in any way you require.


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