Accelerate Cloud-Native Application Development

Fathym handles cloud-native application orchestration and infrastructure management so you can focus on building apps and creating value. 

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Your Virtual Developer Team

Managing the learning path, usage and growth of cloud-native infrastructure and application development strategies can be a daunting challenge. With the Fathym Framework you can reliably deliver cloud-native applications across hybrid-clouds.  

The Fathym Framework radically reduces the time and work involved for managing legacy applications, adopting new application delivery strategies (micro frontendsJamstack, containerization), and bringing infrastructure and DevOps best practices to bear. 

Fathym operates as a virtual developer team that automates and provisions infrastructure in your Azure environmentWe built the framework to augment your team’s skills and do the heavy lifting so you can focus on building applications and creating value. 

How It Works


Cloud Infrastructure Automation

In just a few clicks, Fathym automates and manages a best practice cloud infrastructure environment for orchestrating cloud-native applications in your Azure environment. This allows for the access and flexibility to modify infrastructure to suit your needs. 


Modular and Reusable Component Development

Fathym facilitates the development of web components and APIs in the languages and frameworks of your choice for rapid and independently deployable application delivery. 

Fathym also offers a CLI (command-line interface) with SDKs (software development kits) for building components in Typescript, Angular and C#. 


Application Orchestration

Fathym seamlessly hosts and orchestrates cloud-native applications, web components and APIs on Azure. The Fathym runtime environment can integrate decoupled micro frontends and microservices in a modular and reusable manner, enabling a micro application approach to development from endtoend. 


Repeatable, Low-Code Automation

Fathym offers a tool for no-code provisioning of end-to-end best practice cloud infrastructure environments for real-time device data. 

Leverage Fathym to create the repeatable, low-code components and automated workflows on your own technology stack that power your application delivery. 


What Makes Fathym Different?


Component Driven

Fathym provides a semantic architecture for building and orchestrating reusable micro frontend and microservice components. In the Fathym ecosystem we call these components Low-Code Units (LCUs). 

Fathym facilitates users to build and orchestrate component-driven applications. LCUs enable you to build web components and APIs in a reusable manner in the languages and frameworks of your choice, and to easily manage, upgrade or migrate frameworks.


Development That Scales

Fathym facilitates cross functional and autonomous teams to use the tech stack of their choice and make their own developmental decisions. Multiple, independent teams can own domains that seamlessly merge into the one unified solution. Teams have the freedom to not step on each other’s toes as product and tech stack evolve over time. 


No Vendor Lock In

Fathym manages infrastructure complexity without trapping users in a proprietary platform or cloud – we don’t lock you in.

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