Month: August 2014

Bionic pancreas: A new dawn for diabetics?

We’re suckers for wearable tech, but when that tech improves health and quality of life for those suffering from diabetes? Well, that’s an IoT [...]

Awesome talk by Dr Patricia Klauer

Great talk by the radiant Dr Patricia Klauer last night. So important to remember to take a breath and find one’s center, even (maybe especially) in [...]

Is This The End of Potholes? | Co.Exist | World changing ideas and innovation

A cool Internet of Things solutions to solve a big problem (at least in Colorado!). For real, just drive down i70 and tell me you aren’t dying for a more [...]

Michael J Fox charity turns to tech

We love Michael J Fox. Not just because he’s bravely become a spokesperson for Parkinson’s, but because he’s embracing technology to help [...]

Robot butlers dismissed as ‘gimmick’

We hardly think this is a gimmick. We would call it a step into the future. Like it or not, robots WILL be taking some of our jobs. Robot butlers dismissed [...]

How ‘Internet of Things’ Startup Jasper Became A $1.4 Billion Company

This company is one of the early pioneers of the Internet of Things.How 'Internet of Things' Startup Jasper Became A $1.4 Billion [...]

Man 3D-Prints Castle In Back Garden Using Concrete Printer He Invented

We struggled to print a 1in² box using a 3-d printer we built from a kit. And then there’s this guy… Wow. Just wow.Man 3D-Prints Castle In Back Garden [...]

Wearables tracked with Raspberry Pi

With all this data flowing around, security is an important discussion. A Symantec research group used a Raspberry Pi to pick up signals from people wearing [...]