Month: January 2017

Our Smart Road Future: Automated and Connected Weather Stations

  When many people think of the word “road” today, they think of busy, congested lines of traffic and long commutes.  Perhaps they think of [...]

Letter to our Customers, Partners and Supporters

  Dear customers, partners and supporters, It has been a very busy year at Fathym Inc, and we couldn't do it without your support. We are [...]

How to Avoid a Lack of Actionability in Data Dashboards

Technology is changing how we gather and interpret data.  All around us, old technologies are being transformed into smart systems connected to the [...]

3 Common Shortcomings with Data Dashboards

  Getting started with the Internet of Things can be an intimidating process for many organizations to undertake.  As with any new technology, it [...]

10 Mistakes Companies Make Trying to Connect Their Devices

Internet of Things platforms hold great promise for organizations across nearly every field or industry.  It allows an unprecedented amount of data to be [...]

Smart Cities

IoT Today Article Our Chief Marketing Officer, Christy Szoke, recently wrote an article regarding IoT and its role in the Smart Cities of tomorrow for IOT [...]