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5 Ways IoT Solutions Can Help Your Business

Whether you own a retail chain or a restaurant venture, Internet of Things (IoT) technology solutions can be a boon to your organization. From ensuring the little things don’t get missed, to allowing you the flexibility to maintain knowledge of your day-to-day operations no matter where you are, IoT solutions offer an efficient and practical means to maximize profits and minimize costs. In this article we’ll discuss five specific ways that IoT solutions can benefit your business. Whether you are just starting out, or have an established restaurant or retail chain, IoT  technology can provide your business with the edge over your competition that you’ve been looking for.

  1. Don’t miss the small things

IoT solutions can help you take back control over the small mistakes that add up to big costs further down the road. Is your staff leaving lights on at night? Is your staff entrance door being left propped open? Does your cooktop or oven need service? IoT technologies enable you to place sensors on equipment, doorways, computers, and lights to let you know when these small mistakes occur. Armed with this knowledge, you can quickly and easily address issues as they arise.  Equipment malfunctions can be detected and addressed before turning into a larger issue. The data streaming from IoT solutions allows you to maintain constant vigilance over the small mistakes that add up to big losses over time. With properly configured IoT solutions in place, you can spend your time and energy providing better customer service and enhancing the quality of your products.

  1. Access Streamlined data

Regardless of whether you have one store or twenty, IoT solutions allow you to collect huge amounts of data about your organization. As sensor nodes collect data, they stream it to a cloud-based system that analyzes it and pushes it to your data dashboard in real-time. This system generates more quality, actionable insights that help you drive change and growth within your operation. Having access to real-time data will enable you to shift from being reactive to proactive.

  1. Generate customized alerts

With an IoT system you can generate alerts based on incoming data. Once the threshold that you set in your customized rule is met, you receive an alert on whatever device you are on, letting you know that there is an event that requires your attention. Customized alerts allow you to maintain the integrity of your operation no matter where you are. Whether you are on the road, at home, or off-site at a meeting, customized alerts will enable you to stay informed when something happens within your organization. The ability to specify exactly what events will trigger alerts frees you from having to constantly monitor your organization. Your IoT solution will do the monitoring for you, and let you know when you need to intervene.

  1. Manage your organization from your mobile device

Your IoT solution will allow you to troubleshoot and manage your operations from any device through your data dashboard. You no longer have to be tied to your computer or on-site to troubleshoot malfunctioning equipment, address issues that need your direct intervention, or provide direction to your staff. If you notice a surge in business, you can ascertain that you need to call in additional staff to continue maintaining a high level of customer service. Additionally, if you see that your cooktop or grill is malfunctioning, you can dispatch a technician to your business as soon as the problem arises. IoT solutions give you the flexibility to manage from wherever you are and from whichever device is most convenient for you.

  1. Customize your data dashboard

The ability to customize your data dashboard will give you the power to display only the information you need to see. Data that is crucial to the success of your business will no longer be hidden behind unnecessary information. Your data dashboard can also be customized to display information in the way that makes the most sense to you. This will allow you to quickly keep yourself up to date, without having to spend time wading through spreadsheets and raw data. By utilizing a customized data dashboard you can operate more efficiently, empowering yourself and your organization to perform optimally at all times.

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