Fathym & Blue Dot Solutions Collaborate to Improve Safety and Efficiency for Commercial Trucking Companies

bad weather on the motorway

Boulder, Co – September 25, 2017Fathym, Inc. is pleased to announce its partnership with Blue Dot Solutions, Inc. to deliver innovative solutions for commercial drivers and trucking companies. Fathym will combine its WeatherCloud solution with Blue Dot’s MilesAhead DRIVE and RESOLVE products to enable real-time, optimised routing for commercial drivers and back-office personnel.


Fathym’s WeatherCloud solution consists of proprietary vehicle sensor technology that measures and collects up to 40 road weather variables, such as road temperature, air temperature, humidity, and precipitation rate and type. This is combined with satellite data and other RWIS (Road Weather Information System) data sets to produce a Tuned road forecast, the most accurate pavement forecast in the world. This data is transmitted to Fathym’s Data & Device Framework, from which actionable information for accurate, hyper-local weather forecasts and alerts is generated for Blue Dot’s MilesAhead DRIVE and RESOLVE apps.


In the case of hazardous road conditions, WeatherCloud forecast information will generate safety alerts through the DRIVE app for drivers, enabling them to make real-time decisions to more safely optimise their routes. Back-office personnel can similarly use this data through the RESOLVE app to achieve pro-active resolutions, such as re-routing loads, establishing and informing drivers or temporary safety holds, or informing customers of potential weather-related delays.


Fathym and Blue Dot just completed a joint pilot with one of North America’s largest OTR (Over the Road) carriers. The combination of Fathym’s WeatherCloud forecasting technology and Blue Dot’s mobile applications enables real-time road forecasts and accurately updated ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) calculations for drivers and back-office personnel, ensuring improved driver safety and customer satisfaction.


Fathym’s CEO, Matt Smith, said: “Our goal is to utilize road weather forecasting and Internet of Things technologies to improve safety and efficiency for our fleet customers. We’re happy to be partnered with Blue Dot to deliver on this mission.”


Randy Starr, Blue Dot’s VP of Technology, states “MilesAhead is all about bringing new ideas and new technology to commercial Carriers and their Drivers. Our partnership with Fathym is a perfect example of this and our customers can achieve unique benefit from the addition of WeatherCloud features to DRIVE and RESOLVE.”


About Fathym

Based in Boulder, Colorado, Fathym is a Data & Device Framework for the rapid development and deployment of enterprise Internet of Things solutions. Fathym’s WeatherCloud solution combines proprietary algorithms and machine learning with sensor and atmospheric weather observations to provide the only globally-scaled road and atmospheric weather forecast system in the world. Road Route and Point (geo-specific) forecasts are available via easily-accessible APIs and user-friendly dashboards.


About Blue Dot

Based in Denver, Colorado, Blue Dot is a global enterprise mobile software, products and services company that delivers mobile solutions to organizations that manage transportation fleets, distribution vehicles and their respective drivers, and geographically dispersed field service teams and workers.