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Fathym Inc recognized as finalist for 2018 Microsoft Partner of the Year

Microsoft announced that Fathym Inc. has been named a 2018 Internet of Things Partner of the Year​ finalist. Fathym was chosen from a set of more than 2,600 entrants from 115 countries for its outstanding work in providing Internet of Things solutions.

“We are honored to recognize Fathym Inc as a Microsoft Country Partner of the Year,” said Gavriella Schuster, corporate vice president, One Commercial Partner, Microsoft Corp. “Fathym has distinguished itself as a top partner, exemplifying the remarkable expertise and innovation we see in our Microsoft partner community to deliver transformative solutions.”

Fathym provides a framework for customers to rapidly deploy end-to-end Internet of Things and data solutions on leading cloud infrastructure, such as Microsoft Azure. Fathym solutions are being deployed in areas such as transportation, smart city, smart building, hospitality and energy.

Microsoft Partner 2018 IoT Award

“It’s an honor to be recognized as a leading IoT solution provider,” said Matthew Smith, CEO of Fathym Inc. “The Internet of Things demands innovation and flexible solutions, and Fathym technologies are leading the way. I’m proud of the dedication of our team in bringing solutions like our hyper-local surface weather forecast to fruition.”

The Fathym Forecaster is the leading IoT innovation in road weather. It combines proprietary road weather sensors, which are affixed to existing road infrastructure and vehicles, with a machine learning forecast engine. The result is hyper-local forecasts for the conditions on the ground, rather than the atmosphere above. This information allows maintenance providers to more accurately deploy resources and improve safety, trucking fleets to avoid blowovers and improve ETA accuracies, and cities to better prepare for changing weather and manage utility fluctuations.

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Future Proof Harbor Research Fathym White Paper

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