Fathym Partner with Kepler51 to Deliver Comprehensive Road Safety and Mobility Solution


Boulder, CO – December 10, 2018 – Fathym, Inc. is pleased to announce a partnership with Kepler51 to offer the most comprehensive and flexible road safety and mobility solution available in today’s market.

By combining the power of big data analytics, atmospheric and road weather modeling, sensors, and machine learning, Fathym and Kepler51 deliver industry-leading road safety and mobility to all road users. Together, Fathym’s Ground Truth WeatherCloud solution and Kepler51’s LiveRoad™ Geospatial Analytics Platform offers:

  • Global high-resolution coverage (currently down to 250-m)
  • A solution directly addressing and solving the meteorological challenges of grid resolution and model update cycles
  • Highly-accurate, statistically-based road weather forecasting that goes beyond mapping the precipitation model to the road
  • The flexibility to add best of breed data for any market
  • An expanding list of value-add risk variables to deliver business value for end users
  • Impact and risk analysis utilizing cutting-edge machine learning techniques
  • Access to proprietary road weather sensors and IP
  • Access to fleets of observational mobile weather data

“As an analytics company, we examined a number of road weather solutions and found WeatherCloud to be the best solution and Fathym the best partner to further enhance our own solution,” says Murray Armstrong, co-founder and CEO of Kepler51.

Fathym’s WeatherCloud route forecast engine utilizes cutting-edge machine learning from global fixed observations, and a proprietary method of blending model output data into highly-accurate global forecasts. WeatherCloud hyper-local road forecasts provide trucking fleets with more accurate ETAs, reroutes for improved safety and deliver actionable data for maintenance crews.

Kepler51 provides a geospatial machine learning platform with advanced atmospheric and road weather modelling capabilities, creating a safer and more efficient road network for all road users by improving mobility and reducing accidents.

“Our goal is to provide the most accurate, globally-scaled road weather solution in the market,” says Mike Chapman, Chief Science Officer of Fathym. “As such, Kepler51’s high-resolution WRF models and predictive modeling capabilities provide our customers with more valuable data, leading to improved accuracy, higher resolution, and actionable road safety information.”


About Fathym

Fathym is a Data & Device Framework for the rapid development and deployment of enterprise Internet of Things solutions. Fathym’s WeatherCloud solution combines proprietary algorithms and machine learning with sensor and atmospheric weather observations to provide the only globally-scaled road and atmospheric weather forecast system in the world. Road Route and geo-specific Point forecasts are available via easily-accessible APIs and user-friendly dashboards. Fathym is based in Boulder, Colorado.

About Kepler51

Kepler51 Analytics is a big data analytics solution provider headquartered in Austin, Texas. Kepler51 has applied machine learning to decades of research and tens of millions of road accidents to identify combinations of factors contributing to increased risk to safety or reduced mobility. Kepler51’s advanced Weather and Road Weather modeling monitor the road network in real-time and combine with predictive analytics to help reduce accidents and increase mobility.