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IoT Innovators Clovity and Fathym Join Development and Product Specialties to Address Complex Smart City and Industrial IoT-Based Solutions

Boulder, Colorado based low-code IoT framework provider and road weather experts, Fathym, partners with Silicon Valley based IoT Professional Services provider, Clovity, and its advanced CSensorNet platform to solve City and Enterprise wide logistical, weather, and safety use cases through integrated IoT systems.

SAN FRANCISCO and BOULDER, Colo.May 17, 2019 — Efficiency, safety, and understanding are all main driving factors in today’s incredible expansion of Internet of Things (IoT). Nowhere are these attributes more important than in the organization of a Smart City and learning how to cope with rising populations. Fathym, and its road weather product suite, partner with Smart City solution provider Clovity to provide real-time weather enabled road and weather condition reporting. This is integrated with traffic, emergency response, public transportation, city planning, city services, navigation and a number of other Smart City IoT-based solutions, providing a holistic view of each situation and the possible hazards posed by the natural world. 

As weather can play a huge factor in determining the workflow of a city and cause potential danger to its inhabitants, Clovity integrates its proprietary CSensorNet Platform with Fathym’s road weather solution in use cases where the outside environment can play a significant role in determining the effectiveness of a given city system.

Fathym delivers hyper-local road surface observations, in addition to atmospheric and environmental monitoring (such as air quality or video). Data is processed through a machine learning forecast engine that enables alerts and predictive model data for road condition analysis. The Forecast engine ingests sensor data from additional third party sensor sources, such as RWIS and METARs. A suite of software tools allows for the rapid creation of data dashboards (real-time monitoring, asset tracking, routing, and data analysis), data management and alerts with global forecast coverage.

Clovity has been creating end-to-end IoT and software solutions for forward-thinking enterprises wanting to capitalize on the growth of connected device solutions. Through their IoT accelerator platform CSensorNet, Clovity can create an ecosystem of interoperability modules (Digital, Data, Cloud/Security and IoT) which come together to provide an end-to-end solution.

Clovity brings Fathym’s road weather technology into its integrated IoT stack and mobile application offering. Fathym also provides mobile and fixed weather sensor instrumentation with an open source communication gateway that integrates to Clovity’s CSensorNet and APIs. Fathym’s sophisticated ow-code innovation framework enables IoT solutions to be built quickly and easily, often with little to no coding required.

“Clovity’s strategic goal is to broaden its capability lens while serving our Industrial, Smart City, Agriculture, and Smart Transportation clients. It was an easy decision in seeing what Fathym brings to the table to quickly know we are excellent technology partners,” said, Clovity’s Chief Strategy Officer Chris Medina. “The Fathym technology easily integrates to our solution and provides yet another capability and use case for our clients.” Chris further adds, “With our client use cases spanning telematics, logistics, smart cities, public transportation, navigation, trucking, automotive, insurance, DOT, fleet management, smart cities and field services, Fathym’s road weather product suite is a robust tool for a variety of our Fortune 500 clients.”

“We are proud to be technology partners with Clovity. They are helping to lead a wave of digital transformation for their global clients and smart cities and we look forward to integrating future Fathym capabilities,” said Fathym’s CTO, Michael Gearhardt.

To learn more about Fathym products and services, please visit For more on Clovity’s smart city proposition and CSensorNet, visit and If you are interested in working with both Fathym and Clovity, feel free to reach out to either organization to start your IoT journey.

About Fathym

Fathym is the data application orchestration and development framework. Fathym lowers the barrier for entry in developing data-driven applications, minimizing risk by shortening development cycles and reducing reliance on limited expert resources


The Fathym Low-Code Framework enables developers to rapidly build data-driven applications by applying best practice workflows for cloud infrastructure automation and application management. The Fathym Forecaster is a robust, feature-rich API that offers a powerful suite of weather forecasting and low-code data visualization tools.

About Clovity

Selected as Global Top 20 IoT Solutions Provider for 2018 & again as Top 50 for 2019 by CIO Magazine. Thinking “IoT | Data | Cloud | Digital | Smart Cities” Think Clovity Powered by IoT Platform – CSensorNet.

Clovity is highly focused on delivering the highest enterprise value for emerging technologies like IoT, Blockchain, Machine Learning/AI, Edge Computing, Security and Analytics in motion. The goal of the company is to derive practical insights by connecting into edge assets, enabling change in support paradigms, deploying a new channel of business, increase scalable performance efficiencies, and creating entirely new IoT products for the market, Clovity is driving digital transformation in a connected world.

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