New Fathym Brand

A New Look: How we created a refreshed brand for Fathym

From redesigning our logo to reimagining our website while also creating a new brand mascot, Fathym has completely reinvented its look.


Fathym Brand logo evolution

Fathym is changing the way people build Internet of Things solutions. Our low-code framework helps developers of all skill levels build the data applications that optimize business operations and fuel the Internet of Things. For the past couple of years we’ve been utilizing the framework for custom solutions, building out the toolset for outside developers along the way. Now as we bring outside users on board, we need a brand that supports this next stage.

We wanted a rebrand that made Fathym fresh, fun and memorable. We wanted it to be something that better reflects community and collaboration, while still communicating the ethos of “build anything you can Fathym.”

‘Build anything you can Fathym’ 

Fathym Brand building blocks logo

Our original logo utilized blocks to signify the importance of the building blocks that make up low-code tools. By combining blocks of code in various ways, you could “build anything you can Fathym.”

Blocks aren’t exactly the most creative or inspiring visual though, so we decided to brainstorm new ideas. In running through ideas of fathoming (thinking up) and fathoms (depth), we were inspired by wave iconography. For us, the waves and ocean evoke a sense of technological depth and innovative change. 

Naturally, thinking of the ocean led us to sea life. As awesome as whales are, we felt that the octopus, as an intelligent, versatile ocean creature, best represents the embodiment of what our company can offer.

I mean, just look at how amazing they are!

Cool Octopus Fathym Brand

Our new mascot represents Fathym’s depth of technology and the way our solution enables a single user to wear many hats and personas. Fathym empowers one developer to have the power of eight like the octopus, giving them the ability to rapidly build IoT and data applications, as well as change themes and forms to fit each individual use case and vertical.

Thinky - the Fathym Brand Mascot

We felt that ‘Thinky’ the octopus, inspired by waves of technological change, also evokes the 1’s and 0’s of machine language and the brackets of coding languages in a memorable and standout way.

We feel that the octopus and wave design is the embodiment of what Fathym is today, a low-code solution that empowers developers to build solutions with the flexibility to adapt to changing business needs or technological advances. 


More Than a Mascot – Let’s Talk Fonts

A new look is about far more than a logo. We brought the same thought process to selecting a new font. Our old font was Frutiger, a font originally designed by Charles de Gaulle in the 1960s. 


Frutiger font example


We have since selected Encode Sans and Open Sans, two highly-readable fonts that we feel are more modern and balanced. 

Encode Sans

Encode Sans font example

Open Sans

Open Sans font example

The new fonts reflect the simplicity and ease Fathym harnesses through its low-code tools.


Never Underestimate the Importance of Color!

Fathym Brand Aquatic Color Scheme

When it came to selecting a color palette we decided to go with a lot of blues and greens, in keeping with our aquatic theme and mascot Thinky.

Fathym Brand Contrast Color Scheme

To contrast with the blue and green hues, we went with coral red and deep inky black. Our new color scheme reflects the company’s past while imbuing a refreshed vision for our next phase.

Fathym was born in 2014 in Boulder, CO to create a platform that would abstract the layers of complexity in IoT, simplifying the process of launching complex real-time IoT solutions. Over the years we’ve compiled a team of unique and talented individuals, all coming together to make this thing happen. Collaboration and creativity breed innovation, and that’s what you get with Fathym. 

We are proud to unveil a new brand that better reflects our company’s products and philosophy. As Fathym turns 5 years old, we look forward to many more years of growth and innovation.

New Fathym Brand Logo August 2019

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Thinky Octopus Logo

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