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You Can’t Go It Alone: Why Partnerships are Essential to the Growth of the Internet of Things

When it comes to the Internet of Things (IoT), it’s easy to get lost in the complexity of deploying a robust sensor-based system. Software, hardware, security, physical install, cloud, connectivity, digital, infrastructure, end-user applications and data solutions all need to be orchestrated effectively and deployed correctly. While you may have the best data scientists on staff, figuring out how to mount a sensor to a light pole and ensure that device stays connected to the cloud is a whole other matter. Conversely, you may have nailed your hardware but have no clue what to do with your data or how to share it with key components of your organization.

This is a situation many find themselves in while wading into this emerging technology sector of IoT. There are so many facets to each solution, it can be easy to mistakenly undervalue or under develop a component of these solutions, leading to a less valuable or failed IoT deployment. However, finding a one-stop shop for all of these needs is next to impossible in today’s ecosystem.

Luckily there is a way to deliver cohesive solutions effectively for enterprises and cities across the US. 

Microsoft’s IoT in Action conferences have been a staple of the IoT world for more than 2 years now. These events draw private and public sector technology leaders to collaborate, partner and present the best IoT solutions out on the market.

At these events, companies can readily find sales prospects, as well as ecosystem partners, that can utilize or complement their solutions and expertise. Last year, while Fathym was demoing their surface weather forecast solution, they met Clovity, a company specializing in Smart City and Enterprise IoT solutions. One “matchmaking” session later and they were on the road to partnership. With the combination of Clovity’s services arm and device management IoT platform, CSensorNet, Fathym and Clovity were able to create incredible synergy in a short time. By ingesting weather data to build robust environmental effect factors into solutions, a much more complete situational snapshot can be taken.

Fast forward one year, Clovity and Fathym, alongside their mutual hardware partner, Advantech, just proudly showcased how their partnership ecosystem has evolved during this October’s IoT in Action in Santa Clara. By coupling Fathym’s low-code framework with the out-of-the-box IoT functionality of Clovity’s CSensorNet, secure, robust, scalable and customized IoT solutions can be rolled out in a fraction of the time as traditional deployments.

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Providing End-to-End IoT Through Partners

The partnership that has developed allows both companies to bring their respective expertise to the table.

As leaders in hardware and connectivity, Advantech provides a robust suite of sensors and gateways for any enterprise-scale IoT project.

Clovity enables cities and enterprises to get devices connected faster with their IoT Platform, CSensorNet, and brings their vast team of developers in to help build packaged solutions.

Fathym’s low-code IoT framework equips Clovity’s developers with simple, modular tools to customize their IoT solutions faster and with fewer resources. Value-add components, like their surface weather forecast, extends IoT solutions further.
The combined power of Advantech, Clovity and Fathym means you achieve results faster, letting your data guide you to more optimized performance, targeted logistics and safer cities.

The Latest in IoT

The IoT in Action event also showcased trends, technologies and projects in IoT. The highlights were the latest in intelligent edge, AI, machine learning (ML) and mixed reality. It is evident that we are well beyond connected coffeemakers – we’re now using sensors and data to solve some of the world’s toughest problems.
One project tackled crowd security by combining connected cameras and AI to automatically spot backpacks in a crowd. Another, Project 15, used drones and ML to prevent animal poaching in Africa.

We’re looking forward to next year where Clovity and Fathym will be showcasing the best of our collaborative solutions.

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