Fathym Low-Code Framework

Fathym Launches Data Application Orchestration and Development Framework

Fathym, Inc. announces public beta release of the Fathym Low-Code Framework to simplify building and deploying data-driven applications.

Fathym, Inc. has announced the public beta release of the Fathym Low-Code Framework to enable developers to rapidly build and deploy data-driven applications. The framework dramatically reduces development time by applying best practice workflows for cloud infrastructure automation and application management. Developers can create data applications without having to manage and maintain the underlying infrastructure.

Developers don’t have time to waste on the repetitive and lengthy tasks of provisioning cloud infrastructure or hosting and maintaining applications. Furthermore, companies and organizations are also under pressure, with skyrocketing demand for applications but limited talent and resources.

Fathym automates the setup of a best practice cloud infrastructure environment for data applications, hosted on Microsoft Azure, in just 15 minutes. Fathym offers no-code configuration of cloud resources to provision end-to-end data flow and Internet of Things environments.

Fathym’s distributed application framework automates the hosting, version control and deployment of applications, with synchronous integration of NPM node packages and GitHub repositories. Fathym’s open-source CLI (command line interface) further accelerates the development of data-driven applications.

“Fathym is all about facilitating rapid innovation, and our Low-Code Framework does just that,” says Fathym CEO Matthew Smith. “Our suite of no and low-code tools not only enable a broader spectrum of users to create complex applications, but also frees up developer time to focus on creating value rather than underlying infrastructure.”

The Fathym Low-Code Framework is built to enable developers of all skill levels to rapidly set up automated cloud infrastructure, configure end-to-end cloud resources and data flows, and build and deploy applications. What would take weeks and even months can now be achieved in days.

The Fathym Low-Code Framework is now available with reduced pricing under two subscription tiers, the starter plan and the pro plan. For the public beta release, Fathym is offering the reduced pricing of $15 per month for the starter plan and $90 per month for the pro plan. For each tier Fathym offers a 14-day free trial.

To learn more and try the Fathym Low-Code Framework for free, visit: https://fathym.com/pricing/

About Fathym

Fathym is the data application orchestration and development framework. Fathym lowers the barrier for entry in developing data-driven applications, minimizing risk by shortening development cycles and reducing reliance on limited expert resources

The Fathym Low-Code Framework enables developers to rapidly build data-driven applications by applying best practice workflows for cloud infrastructure automation and application management. The Fathym Forecaster is a robust, feature-rich API that offers a powerful suite of weather forecasting and low-code data visualization tools.

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