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Fathym vs Azure Portal: Automating a Best Practice Cloud Infrastructure Environment

With Fathym, you can quickly and easily set up a best practice cloud infrastructure environment for application orchestration and configuring end-to-end Internet of Things (IoT) data flow environments. With just a few clicks, Fathym sets up this infrastructure in your own Azure cloud environment, so it is always accessible and always yours. Users can simply sign into or create an Azure account and retrieve the required keys.   

Fathym offers two infrastructure template options. The Low Code Unit Runtime Template installs the Azure resources that are required to run the Fathym Low-Code Framework and host, manage and deploy applications and APIs. The Low Code Unit Runtime Template w/ IoT installs all the above and will provision the infrastructure to connect devices and real-time data flows, enabling IoT projects. This includes the initial best practice data flow resources, like an IoT Hub, Event Hub, Cold Storage, Warm Storage and Hot Storage. 

Having selected the infrastructure template that is right for you, in 15 minutes or less Fathym will automate your enterpriseready cloud environment while you kick back and have a beer.  

The video below compares configuring these resources in Fathym versus the Azure portal, which is tedious and time consuming for even the most seasoned Azure user. To see just how simple this process is with Fathym, check out this video: 

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