Fathym was founded in Boulder, CO in 2009 to give non-technical users the tools to enable them to create their own collaborative cloud-based applications.

The framework was first used by students and classrooms to bring “anything they could fathom” to life. Our student users gave us the insights to put ease-of-use at the forefront of all of our tools.

We soon expanded our customer base to enterprise solutions. Motivated by our own love of technology and sensors, as well as our frustrations with the complexity of building sensor to cloud solutions, we soon grew Fathym into a framework for enterprise Internet of Things solutions.

Though the audience has evolved to enterprise customers, the goal of creating intuitive tools that enable users of all technical abilities still guides us.

Our diverse team now includes veterans of enterprise data warehousing, enterprise technologies, data analytics and hardware, firmware, software and mechanical engineering.

Fathym’s ease of use and flexibility has made it a hit in multiple and varied industries and projects. Fathym has been deployed to collect and manage road weather data for Departments of Transportation and private fleets; to improve efficiencies and eliminate manual intervention in industrial processing; to identify unnecessary expenses in building maintenance; to fuse multiple data streams with weather data in industrial plant settings, and more.

Fathym is here to help your company rapidly bring IoT and data solutions to life, and enable them to evolve without requiring time and resource-sucking rewrites. Fathym helps you evolve your digital strategy and use data to optimize your operations.

Fathym CoFounders Matthew Smith and Christina Szoke

Fathym CoFounders Matthew Smith and Christina Szoke