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Fathym and Live Earth Collaborate to Deliver Surface-Level Environmental Forecasts for Real-Time Visualizations

    Boulder, CO - November 28, 2018 - Fathym, Inc. is pleased to announce a partnership with Live Earth to deliver Fathym’s hyper-local, surface-level [...]

The ‘New Tobacco:’ Can IoT Reduce Air Pollution?

Air pollution is one of the most significant public health issues we face today. There is a broad misconception that air pollution is an issue that only [...]

How Modern Road Weather Solutions Can Enhance the Connected Car

The evolution of both fleet and consumer telematics technologies over the past decade has allowed for valuable content to be pushed into the connected car. [...]

The Next Generation of Mobile Weather Sensor Solutions

  Mobile road weather sensing technology has been around for the past several decades. Typical offerings include devices to detect infrared (IR) [...]

Moving On From RWIS: The Next Generation of Fixed Roadway Weather Observations

RWIS (Road Weather Information System) stations are relatively expensive fixed stations that include scientific-grade weather instrumentation, which have [...]

Why Statistically-Based Road Weather Modeling Supersedes Physical Modeling

Every year, state and local governments spend billions of dollars on snow removal during the winter season. In the early 2000s, the federal [...]

How Modern Road Weather Solutions Save Lives, Time and Money

While typical weather forecasts cover a large area, they often do not reflect the actual conditions on the road. Since the early 2000s road weather [...]

Transforming Energy Distribution with Smart Grid Optimization

In the traditional energy grid, electricity is generated by power plants and moved through a system known as the power distribution grid to homes and [...]

Fathym Inc recognized as finalist for 2018 Microsoft Partner of the Year

  Microsoft announced that Fathym Inc. has been named a 2018 Internet of Things Partner of the Year​ finalist. Fathym was chosen from a set of more [...]
Snow Plows Alaska

The Future of the Connected Car

What is the connected car? Automobile technology continues to advance at a rapid pace, fine-tuning the driving experience. According to McKinsey, the goal [...]