An Unbalanced Industry: How Do We Bridge The Gender Gap In Tech?

The lack of diversity in the tech industry has been making headlines lately. As a technology company with two female executives at the helm, Fathym finds [...]

Data Centers

What Are Data Centers? According to Wikipedia, "A data center is a facility used to house computer systems and associated components, such as [...]

Are You Ready For Card Chips?

If not, get ready. Chips in credit cards are coming and they're here to stay. Credit card companies are hoping the chips will prevent in-person credit card [...]

Survey says only 65 percent of broadband households have Wi-Fi

This is really interesting. It seems like wi-fi is in so many public places and in so many homes, this statistic it surprising. It's too bad this article [...]

If We Build IoT, They Will Come. Right?

While we can't reveal our must haves yet, we are excited to soon. We think what we are developing is right on target too, seeing as we are creating a tool with [...]

Building a modern data platform – think like a caveman

Amen to this. It's easy to slip into the mindset of Us vs. Them when it comes to imagining users in prior to the alpha and even beta stage. Collaboration WITH [...]

Cloud jobs are growing faster than the talent pool. That’s an opportunity for women coders says Intel

This is exciting, especially this part: "“There’s a huge demand and need for skill users in cloud computing,” says Paul Owen, Executive Director of IC3. [...]