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Our Forecaster API includes access to:

  • Point and Multiple Point Forecasts
  • Route and Alternative Route Forecasts
  • 16 Hour CONUS Forecasts at 3-km Resolution
  • 120+ Hour Global Forecasts at 13-km Resolution
  • Surface / Road Condition
  • Road Temperature
  • Weather Delay Risk
  • Ambient Temperature
  • Precipitation Amount, Type and Rate
  • Wind Direction, Speed and Gust
  • Barometric Pressure
  • Relative Humidity
  • Dew Point
  • Irradiance
  • Snow Depth
  • Cloud Cover


  • Unlimited API calls
  • Up to 10 thousand point queries per month


$ 19
Per Month
or $190/year
  • Unlimited API calls
  • Up to 1 million point queries per month


$ 99
Per Month
or $990/year
  • Unlmited API calls
  • Up to 10 million point queries per month


$ 499
Per Month
or $4,990/year
  • Unlimited API calls
  • Up to 1 billion point queries per month
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Forecaster Pricing FAQ

Yes, plans are charged monthly or yearly. 

Yes, if you pay for the year in advance, you get two months for free. If you pay for a lower priced plan for a year and choose to upgrade, any amounts previously paid will be credited toward your upgrade. 

Yes, just select your preferred plan in your billing page.  


No, although if you want custom enterprise packages or custom machine learning data variables, contact us.

Fathym offers extensive documentation to guide users through the Fathym Forecaster. Customers can also contact support staff who will respond within 24 hours on weekdays. 


An API call is any time you pull content from the API.

A typical API request is for forecasts of variables at points (in space and time). A point is any geo-location at a specific time in the future; so, for instance, a route can be represented as a series of points. Variables are any available forecast data, such as air temperature, precipitation, wind speed, road temperature, road condition, delay risk and more.

Data Variables are derived using proprietary machine learning algorithms.

Fathym offers the following custom data variables:

  • Weather Delay Risk: a data variable that calculates the risk of road weather on ETAs.  
  • Surface / Road State: a data variable forecasting the conditions on the ground or road.  
  • Surface / Road Temperature: a data variable calculating the temperature of the ground or road, rather than the ambient temperature above.

With a license to the Fathym Low Code Framework, you can access the Fathym Forecaster Low-Code Unit™ and a suite of tools to help you visualize custom solutions.

  • Fathym Forecast Module: a visual interface to determine the weather and surface condition forecast along primary and secondary routes. This module calls the Fathym Forecast API.

For an example of how you can visualize weather data, please check out 

That data application was built using Fathym’s low-code framework. Fathym has made some of these resources open source for your use. Check out the GitHub repository at 

Custom Services

Need to take the Fathym Forecaster further? Contact us for custom work and pricing packages.

Custom Forecast Machine Learning

Custom Forecast Data Variables and Integration

Custom App and Dashboard Development

Full Support

White Label

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