Configure, Build, Deploy

Our low-code framework enables rapid and scalable design of any system involving data ingest, processing and visualization

Today technological developments are feeding new innovations, but the complexities have grown with a multitude of languages, containerization and microservices available everywhere.

Fathym takes that complexity away.

Fathym’s low-code framework enables rapid and scalable design of any system involving data ingest, processing and visualization. Fathym provides the services to harness device and user-based data, as well as develop the analytics and systems to make critical business decisions.


Provision in minutes what used to take days.

Ingest data, connect devices and data streams, and map data schema through best practice workflows. Rapidly pair a data map with inputs and outputs, set functions, and configure data storage resources that fit your real-time and analytics outputs. When you’re ready, simply provision your cloud resources and push to Microsoft Azure (and soon AWS and Google Cloud) with just a few clicks.


Low-code tools for rapid app configuration.

Our modular tools simplify and speed up data dashboard and application design. Pair visualization widgets with data streams and configure rules and alerts based on any data element streaming into your dashboard. Securely manage users, roles and permissions on a granular level. Customize landing pages, data dashboards and collaborative tools for each end-user group.


A low-code dynamic application framework to launch sites and apps in minutes​.

Seamlessly integrate your open-source Low-Code Units with GitHub repositories, push custom code to the cloud in minutes and generate websites and applications. Fathym provides system health monitoring of all running services and devices with near real-time updates, and clients can easily manage applications, users and devices in their system configuration.

Go Deeper

Enterprise problem solving can be complex. We ensure that you have the flexibility to dig into the underlying infrastructure of your backend components and modify in any way you require.

A Dynamic Application

Fathym’s platform-agnostic architecture keeps your enterprise’s business logic separate from the specific enabling technologies you use. Other vendors limit you to their specific toolset to the exclusion of anything else. With Fathym, you’re free to change your open-source repositories on GitHub and customize the infrastructure that resides under the tools. Fathym orchestrates whatever tools you decide to use and ensures that it all works together.

Future Proof: Fathym's Low-Code Data Solution

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