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Configure, Build, Deploy. The Fathym Low-Code Framework simplifies building data-driven solutions.

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Building Internet of Things (IoT) solutions is hard. Developers need expertise in powerful but complicated cloud infrastructures that can take months to correctly configure. 

Fathym’s low-code IoT framework takes that complexity away. 

Fathym’s low-code framework is designed to give developers the freedom and best practice workflows to rapidly create IoT and data-driven applications that are agnostic to tools, platforms and clouds.

Each element of the framework is built from Low Code Units (LCUs) – modular building blocks of code that can be as large as an application, or as small as a data visualization. 

The framework drastically cuts down development time by applying and automating a set of best practices. The cloud infrastructure Fathym sits on is Microsoft Azure. You can set up an automated, enterprise-grade environment in just fifteen minutes. 

Developers can launch enterprise-scale solutions with all needed IoT infrastructure without any prior expertise in cloud provisioning. Teams can customize their own frameworks to support their best practices and preferred tool sets. 

  • Provision and monitor your IoT infrastructure 
  • Manage the flow of IoT device data with a drag/drop editor 
  • Easily build data dashboards and web applications 
  • Create custom LCUs and web apps through Fathym’s Command-Line Interface (CLI)  
  • Add LCUs to public or enterprise marketplaces for re-use
  • Version the framework for your organization, complete with custom wizards, best practices and a private LCU catalog


Provision your IoT infrastructure in minutes instead of months.

Many IoT projects start with trying to get device data flowing to the cloud and it’s not an easy task. Using Fathym’s low-code framework, developers can create emulated data sets and configure an entire IoT infrastructure in minutes.  

As a developer, this allows you to verify your end-to-end IoT infrastructure is working as expected and data is flowing to the correct outputs before tackling the challenge of connecting real devices. This also allows you to verify the device data needed for the best ROI before sinking time and cost into sensor deployment.

Fathym's data flow management tool




Customize your IoT solution using Fathym’s low-code tools for rapid app configuration.

Once everything is set-up, developers can commence the process of connecting devices, flowing device data into dashboards and further customizing their solutions. You can build real-time and historic dashboards and reports to visualize your data in minutes. 

Our modular Low Code Unit (LCU) tools simplify and speed up data dashboard and application design. Easily pair visualization widgets with data streams, configure rules and alerts, and securely manage users, roles and permissions.  

Fathym’s Command Line Interface (CLI) enables developers to rapidly generate custom LCUs. The CLI automates project setup, leveraging open-source GitHub repositories to power best-practice configuration and customization. 

Our low-code framework leverages Node Packages to organize and deploy any previous or current version of your application to your custom domain. Our library of templates gives you a robust launching pad for building web applications to suit any style preference. 

Fathym's Data Application Management Tool



Launch sites and apps in minutes with Fathym’s low-code IoT framework and partner ecosystem.

Launch your end-to-end, scalable IoT solution with just a few clicks. Tap into our partner ecosystem to purchase and deploy the sensors needed for your IoT solution. Monitor your device data with custom web applications.  

Fathym provides system health monitoring of all running services and devices with near real-time updates. Clients can easily manage applications, users and devices in their system configuration.  

Fathym Template Site

Earths Core

Go Deeper

We ensure that you have the flexibility to dig into the underlying infrastructure of your backend components and modify in any way you require. We don’t lock you in – If you leave Fathym, your code is always yours to take to the cloud or platform of your choice. 


Orchestrate Your Favorite Tools

Fathym’s platform-agnostic architecture keeps your organization’s business logic separate from the enabling technologies and code languages you use. Other vendors limit you to their specific toolset to the exclusion of anything else.  

Fathym embraces the third-party tools you prefer. We enable organizations to customize our framework to fit their own best practices. 

Ready to get started?

Future Proof: Fathym's Low-Code Data Solution

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