Fathym Framework

The Fathym Framework simplifies building and deploying cloud-native applications across hybrid clouds. 

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Fathym enables developers to rapidly build modular and reusable applications by automating best practice workflows for managing and deploying cloud-native applications. 

Fathym seamlessly hosts and orchestrates cloud-native applications, enabling you to build flexible and scalable applications without having to manage and maintain the underlying infrastructure. 

Leverage the Fathym Framework to automate the repeatable, low-code workflows that accelerate application delivery for your organization. 


Automated Cloud Infrastructure Environment

A best practice infrastructure environment in just 15 minutes.

Through the Fathym Framework registration process, an automated, best practice infrastructure environment is provisioned in just fifteen minutes in your Azure environment. 

To set up your workspace, simply connect your Azure account and Fathym does the hard work of provisioning the following behind the scenes. 

Fathym Workspace Setup

Check out this video to see just how simple the process is.

Fathym Workspace Setup


Modular and Reusable Components

Build web components and APIs in your chosen frameworks.

Fathym embraces web components and APIs for building modular and repeatable applications. Fathym facilitates building these components in your preferred frameworks with the tools you’re most familiar with. 

Fathym provides a CLI (command-line interface) with SDKs (software development kits) and automated project set up for building web components, applications and APIs in Typescript, Angular and C#. 


Application Orchestration

Independently deployable micro frontends and microservices. 

On the completion of your workspace set up, a cloud-based IDE (integrated developer environment) is provisioned for you. The IDE leverages the Fathym runtime and infrastructure environment to seamlessly orchestrate web components, applications and APIs from whatever frameworks and languages you use. 

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Fathym leverages NPM packages to host, manage and deploy any previous or current version of your application to your IDE’s domain. You can enter any existing NPM package and host it as an application in your IDE. You can also simply upload applications as Zip files.  

Run multiple instances of your web components and APIs on dynamic application paths, and pair micro frontends and microservices to create modular and repeatable solutions. 

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No-Code IoT and ML Infrastructure Orchestration

Simple drag and drop interface to configure and provision Azure resources. 

The Fathym Framework is built entirely of distributed micro frontends and microservices. We leveraged our architecture to build the data flow manager, a powerful drag-and-drop interface for easily configuring end-to-end cloud infrastructure in your Azure cloud for real-time device data. 

You can create emulated datasets and configure an entire end-to-end IoT (Internet of Things) or machine learning infrastructure in minutes. This allows you to verify that the infrastructure is working as expected and data is flowing to the correct outputs before tackling the challenge of connecting devices. 

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Earths Core

Automate Your Best Practice Workflows

Fathym’s distributed micro frontends and microservices architecture enables you to leverage our technology to establish and automate your own best practice workflows. For example, our data flow manager can be extended by additional modules that you automate for your organization. 

Fathym facilitates the development of repeatable automation on your own technology stack. Enable junior and mid-level developers to deliver with senior level quality. Even non-developers can accomplish normally complex development tasks. 


Future Proof

Fathym is built to support open standards and open-source tools, preventing users from being locked into a proprietary system. 

This helps simplify deployment, upgrade and migration strategies, enabling you to future proof your applications. 

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