Fathym Low-Code Framework

The Low-Code Framework simplifies building and deploying data-driven applications.

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The Fathym Low-Code Framework enables developers to host, manage and deploy data-driven applications that are agnostic to tools, platforms and clouds. 

Each element of the Low-Code Framework is built from Low-Code Units – modular and reusable building blocks of code that can be as large as an application, or as small as a data visualization.  

The framework drastically cuts down development time by automating and applying best practice workflows for cloud infrastructure automation and application orchestration. Developers can create data applications without having to manage and maintain the underlying infrastructure. 


Automated Cloud Infrastructure Environment

A best practice infrastructure environment in just 15 minutes.

The cloud infrastructure Fathym sits on is Microsoft Azure. Through the Fathym Low-Code Framework registration process, an automated, enterprise-grade infrastructure environment is set up in fifteen minutes.  

To set up up their workspace, a user simply has to connect their Azure account and the following is provisioned behind the scenes. 

Check out this video to see just how simple the process is.

Fathym Workspace Setup Process



No-Code Cloud Infrastructure Configuration

Simple to use drag and drop interface to configure and provision Azure resources.

Fathym’s data flow manager is a powerful drag and drop interface for easily configuring and provisioning end-to-end cloud infrastructure. Users can flow data from a wide variety of inputs to the desired outputs. 

To highlight the power of this tool, an IoT developer can create emulated datasets and configure an entire end-to-end IoT infrastructure in minutes. This allows the developer to verify that the end-to-end IoT infrastructure is working as expected and data is flowing to the correct outputs before tackling the challenge of connecting devices.

Check out this video to see how you can rapidly set up an end-to-end IoT infrastructure.

Fathym Emulated Data Flow


Data Application Orchestration

Reproducible data application development at scale.

Data Apps Orchestration

Fathym’s distributed application framework enables users to host, manage and deploy data applications for multiple end users. 

Developers can host and configure data applications that integrate synchronously with NPM node packages and GitHub repositories. This allows users to dynamically organize and deploy any previous or current version of an application to their custom domain. Users can create multiple versions of an application and deploy for different end users.  

Fathym Data Application Management Tool

Earths Core

Open-Source App Development

Fathym provides an open-source CLI (command line interface) to simplify the development of data applications and Low-Code Units. The CLI automates project setup, leveraging open-source GitHub repositories to power best-practice configuration and customization. We offer a library of angular templates to give developers a robust launching pad for building web applications to suit any style preference. 


Future Proof

Fathym embraces the third-party tools users want to useDevelopers can customize the framework to fit their own best practices.  

Fathym is built to support open standards and open-source tools, preventing users from being locked into a proprietary system. This helps simplify deployment, upgrade and migration strategies, enabling users to future proof their applications. 

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