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Fathym enables enterprises and entrepreneurs to turn data into actionable Internet of Things solutions. The Fathym Ecosystem is an end-to-end solution, from data ingest and device management to IOT data visualizations and alerts.

Key Customers & Partners

Fathym works with the Alaska, Colorado, Utah and Iowa Departments of Transportation, as well as Meteorological Service of New Zealand, The Indigo Education Company, Financially Fit, and more. Key partners include Microsoft, Dell and PCPC Direct.


Fathym is based in Boulder, CO.

Use Cases:

Road Weather
Road Weather
Data Monitoring
Data Monitoring
Smart Cities
Smart Cities
App Management
App Management
Site Management
Site Management
Asset Tracking
Asset Tracking

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Product Images:

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Fathym Sample Data Dashboard

Fathym Real-Time Road Weather Dashboard

Dashboard Example

Fathym Sample High Performance Computing Data Monitoring

Rules Screen

Notification Setup

Fathym Alerts 1

Fathym Alerts 2

Sample App Landing Page

Fathym Interactive Map Displays

Fathym Smart Cities Promo Image

Internet of Things Ecosystem

Team Bios

Matt Smith, CEO/CoFounder

Matt is an architect by trade, but has been programming and taking apart electronics (and sometimes putting them back together) since he was a small child. He is a serial entrepreneur who excels at understanding the current and future state of products and markets.

Christy Szoke, CMO/CoFounder

Christy is an artist, art historian and journalist by trade, with a love of learning new technologies. She is an experienced writer, designer, brand manager and producer.

Jerry Verbeck, CFO

Jerry has over thirty years of experience in Banking, Finance, Management and Operations with strong emphasis in Capital Structuring, Strategic Financial planning and Regulatory Compliance.

Doug Harless, SVP Business Dev

Doug has spent many years in high-tech sales and business development, working with some of the biggest tech firms including Cray.

Jeremy Tomlinson, Engineer

Jeremy is a brilliant programmer and mathematician. In his free time he makes awesome music too!

Joshua Sobota, Engineer

Josh is our cloud infrastructure expert who keeps all our servers ticking. He holds down our Portland headquarters.

Todd German, Engineer

Todd is an expert at bringing organization to chaos. He helps assure that each code update goes smoothly.

Michael Everett, Engineer

Mike is an innovator and entrepreneur and was the lead architect of the Fathym platform.