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Why did we create Fathym?

We created Fathym to help democratize software development. When you look across the history of software development, there has been a steady progression of removing the tedious, time consuming and repetitive tasks that hold developers back.  

We built Fathym to play a crucial role in this progression. Our products help more people, of diverse skills and backgrounds, rapidly create data-driven applications. 

Fathym was founded in 2015 in Boulder, Colorado to offer a better way of hosting, managing and deploying data-driven applications.  

Developers don’t have time to waste on the repetitive and lengthy tasks of provisioning cloud infrastructure or hosting and maintaining applications. Furthermore, companies and organisations are also under pressure, with skyrocketing demand for applications but limited talent and resources. 

We built the Fathym Low-Code Framework to enable developers of all skill levels to rapidly set up automated cloud infrastructure, configure end-to-end cloud resources and data flows, and host and deploy applications. What could take weeks and even months can now be achieved in days. 

We built the tools for ourselves. Fathym was born from our own frustrations of the complexities of launching enterprise cloud infrastructure and maintaining and deploying data applications. 

We have used our technology to build solutions for multiple and varied industries and projects, including creating actionable road weather datasets for Departments of Transportation and private fleets; improving efficiencies and eliminating manual intervention in industrial processing; streamlining the brewing process for craft brewers; and more. 

Now we’re launching the Fathym Low-Code Framework to help developers and organisations focus on building data-driven solutions and creating value while Fathym handles the rest. 

Fathyms CEO



“Fathym is all about facilitating rapid innovation. Our suite of no and low-code tools not only enable a broader spectrum of users to create complex applications, but also frees up developer time to focus on creating value rather than underlying infrastructure.”

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