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Born In 2015
Boulder, Colorado

Digital transformation requires the flexibility to rapidly innovate, test and deploy new ideas. Unfortunately, the cost, expertise and time required to build out sensor-to-cloud solutions and configure enterprise cloud infrastructures leaves companies stuck in long development cycles for inflexible solutions.

Fathym was born to offer a better way to rapidly and visually bring IoT solutions to life.

We set out to build a suite of tools that would give insight into data faster and enable developer teams to build solutions with the flexibility and speed that digital transformation requires.

The Fathym Low-Code Framework equips developers of all skill levels to rapidly set up automated IoT cloud infrastructure hosted on Microsoft Azure, configure IoT resources and data flows, and build and deploy data applications. What could take months can now be achieved in days. The framework also provides the freedom and flexibility to select the tools and services you need, or modify backend infrastructure as you require. Your data is portable and we don’t lock you in.

We have been using our framework to build IoT solutions for multiple and varied industries and projects, including creating actionable road weather datasets for Departments of Transportation and private fleets; improving efficiencies and eliminating manual intervention in industrial processing; streamlining the brewing process for craft brewers; creating a more efficient ticket scanning process for ski resorts; and more.

We’ve operated primarily as a services company, but now we’re expanding our offering – we’re launching the Low-Code Framework to help the developers and teams who are building IoT solutions achieve value faster.

Fathym was built from our own frustrations at the complexities of configuring enterprise cloud infrastructure and launching IoT projects. We orchestrate the infrastructure, technologies and tools needed for success, allowing our users to focus on outcome, not process.

We let you focus on what you’re trying to build, rather than how you’re going to build it.  

Fathyms CEO



“The fundamental question is: ‘What don’t you know and how are you going to find out?’ Most companies don’t grasp the implications of the data they already have. And yet they need to get started. Go ahead and jump in.”

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