Have an IoT project that you are passionate about but don’t know where to start?

Fathym can help you rapidly prototype and scale out your ideas in minutes using our sophisticated IoT technology solutions. Save valuable time and money that you would have otherwise spent coding, perfecting your IoT project, and customizing your data dashboard.

Once your IoT vision has become a reality, Fathym allows you to build a customized dashboard that will display all of your key data in a way that makes sense to you. Choose from a variety of widgets, data visualizations, and metrics to organize and review your data to develop quick, valuable insights regarding resource utilization, operational health, and application performance.

Before IoT analytics platforms, companies had to analyze all information provided by a variety of sources, each with a separate software interface – an extremely difficult and daunting task. Fathym’s data dashboards give companies a quick update on operational status and automatic alerts allow them to identify any issues at a glance, ultimately saving time, money, and brainpower.

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Key Features

    • Rules Engine: Create custom alerts and notifications based on incoming data
    • View: See all alerts highlighted based on critical to low priority
    • Charting: View your data in a way that makes sense to you, whether that be in a map, bar chart, or gauges
    • Permissions: Grant viewing and editing access to specific users or company-wide
    • Manage: Troubleshoot and manage your sensors and notifications right from the dashboard

Why Choose Fathym?

Fathym is at the forefront of Internet of Things technology solutions. We understand that every business and every company is different, which is why we designed our data dashboard and prototype solutions to be extremely flexible and adaptable. The IoT industry is quickly evolving, which means that many IoT projects will be evolving alongside it. Fathym’s solutions allow you to evolve as quickly as the industry, preventing you from ever falling behind.

Once your project is developed and scaled out, you can rest assured we won’t be leaving you in the dust. We are just a quick phone call away if you wish to make any adjustments or add new data sources. Work with Fathym today to create and manage IoT business solutions equipped to take on future technology!

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