With our WeatherCloud solution, Fathym helps improve maintenance, transportation, and routing operations by providing accurate, hyper-local road conditions.

Before WeatherCloud, the many businesses affected by local road and weather conditions had no reasonable means to access the data they needed to make strategic business decisions. WeatherCloud offers a whole new data set that companies can use for actionable, real-time weather conditions. WeatherCloud’s coverage across the United States’ 4 million roads is quickly expanding.

The data that WeatherCloud collects comes from two mobile weather sensor packs that communicate to an in-vehicle Smart Hub as well as stationary weather stations. This data is then aggregated into a dashboard where you can view current road conditions, future forecasts, and set alerts based on incoming data.

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Not only can WeatherCloud’s road sensors give you access to a valuable new data set, but they can save you significant amounts of time and money by allowing for:

    • More accurate forecasting
    • Real-time fleet re-routing for weather conditions
    • More efficient maintenance services
    • More accurately and timely driver alerts
    • Accident forensics

WeatherCloud’s sophisticated sensors provide companies with information regarding road weather conditions such as:

    • Air and pavement temperature
    • Surface dew point
    • Rain, snow and ice
    • Humidity and barometric pressure
    • Light levels
    • Windshield wiper frequency

Businesses will also be able to track information about the road conditions including:

    • Pavement surface quality
    • Road roughness
    • Pavement temperature

Additionally, the sensors capture valuable vehicle information such as:

    • GPS location
    • Driving speed
    • Vehicle inertial motion
    • Cabin temperature

Why Fathym?

Fathym creates solutions to make managing and operating a business easier and more efficient. Our WeatherCloud solution is no exception. Whether you are a maintenance provider, a trucking company, an insurance provider, an engineer, or an app developer, Fathym’s technology will provide you with accurate data to make informed decisions in real-time. To learn more about our WeatherCloud solution, click here.

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