Letter to our Customers, Partners and Supporters

  Dear customers, partners and supporters, It has been a very busy year at Fathym Inc, and we couldn't do it without your support. We are [...]

relayr Gets $2.3M To Foster An Internet Of Things App Ecosystem

IoT is an exciting space to watch. It's exciting to think about the future (the good, the bad and the SkyNet) but it's especially exciting to witness the [...]

Akeneo Raises $2.3 Million To Replace Excel For Catalog Management

Personally, if I never have to deal with another Excel spreadsheet, it will be too soon. So I say BRING IT ON, AKENEO. But seriously, this is an [...]

Facebook Buys 100 Patents To Spur Virtual Reality, Video, Speech

Facebook is buying patents at a brisk rate, offering clues about what its next expansions might be. We don’t love reading about giant companies buying [...]