The Ring Is Real

Being able to use custom gestures to control smart devices? Awesome! There's a new Precious in [...]

The City as a System

This is an interesting article on where wearables meet government. It's not just body cameras any more! "Data-transmitting pills (or implants) can be [...]

Can science fiction save the world?

Alright, we have some mixed feelings on Project Hieroglyph. On the one hand, we ourselves have a pretty optimistic view of the future and how devices, [...]

Michael J Fox charity turns to tech

We love Michael J Fox. Not just because he’s bravely become a spokesperson for Parkinson’s, but because he’s embracing technology to help [...]

Wearables tracked with Raspberry Pi

With all this data flowing around, security is an important discussion. A Symantec research group used a Raspberry Pi to pick up signals from people wearing [...]

Intel’s Smart Shirt

The future of wearables is here now.Intel's Smart [...]