Kevin Bowers, Application Architect

Fave Weather: Thunderstorms
Fave Tech: Intellisense
Fave Superhero: Antman

Brandon Bowman, Social Media Manager

Fave Weather: Marine Layer
Fave Tech: iPad
Fave Superhero: Archie Andrews

Kilian Carroll, Marketing Manager

Fave Weather: Squally Showers
Fave Tech: MacBook
Fave Superhero: St. Patrick

Michael Chapman, Chief Weather Officer

Fave Weather: Thundersnow
Fave Tech: Doppler Radar
Fave Superhero: The WonderPets

Lisa Fatovic, Accounting

Fave Weather: Sunny and Hot!
Fave Tech: My Cell Phone
Fave Superhero: Batgirl”

Michael Gearhardt, CTO, Software

Fave Weather: Snow
Fave Tech: Laptop
Fave Superhero: Thor

Todd German, Engineer

Fave Weather: Bright Sunshine & Fresh Snow
Fave Tech: Facebook Events
Fave Superhero: Professor Chaos

George Greenwood, Senior Product and Market Manager

Fave Weather: Red Flag Fire Weather
Fave Tech: Refrigerators
Fave Superhero: Neil Armstrong/Buzz Aldrin

Andrew Hampson, Project Manager

Fave Weather: Blizzard
Fave Tech: Cell Phone
Fave Superhero: Frozone

Eoghan Jennings, Market & Financial Analyst

Fave Weather: Thunder
Fave Tech: Google Nexus 5X
Fave Superhero: Flash

Shannon Kendall, VP Business Development

Fave Weather: Blue Skies
Fave Tech: Transmitter for RC planes &amp Drones
Fave Superhero: Speed Racer

Patricia Klauer, GM

Fave Weather: Rainbows
Fave Tech: Vitamix
Fave Superhero: Xavier

Isaac Koch, Mechanical Engineer/Client Services

Fave Weather: Snow
Fave Tech: Contact Lenses
Fave Superhero: Captain America

Brice Lambi, Engineer/Data Scientist

John Mickey, Director of Hardware Engineering

Fave Weather: Blue Bird Day
Fave Tech: Smartphone
Fave Superhero: The Flaming C

Rich Powers, CTO, Hardware

Fave Weather: Green Sky
Fave Tech: Root Access
Fave Superhero: Dr. Manhattan

Ralph Pruitt, Sr. Embedded Systems Engineer

Fave Weather: Thunder Storms with Possible Tornadoes
Fave Tech: Anything that Produces Music
Fave Superhero: Iron Man

Greg Richardson, Sr. Mobile/Gateway Engineer

Fave Weather: Clear and Sunny
Fave Tech: Mobility
Fave Superhero: The Hulk

Ryan Sappenfield, Director of Data Engineering and Analytics

Fave Weather: Snow
Fave Tech: SMS
Fave Superhero: The Flash

Lisa Sloat, Investor Relations

Fave Weather: Spring Rain
Fave Tech: Computers
Fave Superhero: The Invisible Woman

Matt Smith, CEO/CoFounder

Fave Weather: Glory
Fave Tech: The Wheel
Fave Superhero: Deadpool

Joshua Sobota, Director of IT and Ops

Fave Weather: Fog
Fave Tech: A French Press

Christy Szoke, CMO/CoFounder

Fave Weather: Sunshowers
Fave Tech: Coffeemakers
Fave Superhero: Wonder Woman

Jeremy Tomlinson, Dev Manager/Senior Engineer

Fave Weather: Tornadoes
Fave Tech: The Internet
Fave Superhero: Spiderman

Jerry Verbeck, CFO