Today’s data is locked in silos, both on a system-by-system basis and by vertical use.


Technology developed in the mainframe and client-server internet eras was not built to cope with the diversity of devices and volume of data-points we have today.

The limitations of these models are imprisoning data, preventing it from moving freely and generating valuable insights.


Enabling true device and data liquidity.


The Fathym Framework is designed for a genuinely connected world, where artificial barriers between pieces of information vanish, data flows freely and data fuses for optimal understanding and collaboration.



Fathym Facilitates


End-to-End IoT and Data Solutions


Free Flowing Data Relationships


Visualizations for Data Fusion and Discovery


Collaborative Application Development

The Fathym Framework enables easy integration of any combination of inputs and data types in real-time.




Redesigning information itself.


Fathym redesigns information itself in ways not addressed by current IT architectures.

Fathym’s data and information architecture makes the fewest possible assumptions about devices and data, and how they will be used in the future. We provide a data structure that provides unmistakable and irreducible identity for every piece of information, but also facilitates flow and fusion.


Traditional Imposed Data Structure Fathym Flow Data Structure
Imposed Data Structure Fathym Flow Data Structure


IT architectures derived from the client server era impose rigid structures and meaning on information.

At Fathym, we forgo interpretive assumptions. We enable information to flow and interact with other units of data without unnecessary preconceptions, creating new units of information and insight that could not have been anticipated.


We free data to form previously unavailable insights.