End-to-End IoT Innovation Framework

The Fathym end-to-end innovation framework is designed to simplify IoT, from hardware and data ingest to data visualization and app creation.

Fathym’s sensor, smart hub and data ingest capabilities connect machinery, enabling customers to monitor previously inaccessible real-time data. Machine data can be combined with environmental data for a fuller window into conditions and performance. Fathym’s cloud stores collected data, where it is analyzed and reported using flexible visualization tools personalized for each customer’s dashboards.

The Fathym dashboards offer a full suite of features to enable enterprises to drive efficiencies and boost productivity. Access the precise data that is needed at the exact moment of relevance, while eliminating the typical artificial barriers that interfere with visibility.

Critical data is easily viewed through maps, bar charts and gauges to visualize and interpret business-critical data. Rules and alerts are easily created, implemented and adjusted. Troubleshoot and manage devices in a way that’s simple and intuitive to use. Data stores are created for each customer’s analytics and machine learning needs.

Why Fathym?

The Industrial IoT industry is evolving rapidly, and as it does, you need a partner that doesn’t just keep pace, but also anticipates what’s coming next. Fathym is at the forefront of the Industrial Internet of Things, building an innovation framework that enables disruptive technologies.

We understand that not all businesses and industries are the same; instead, each has differences that significantly impact business outcomes. We provide the most flexible and comprehensive IoT solutions, offering the building blocks you need most in order to create custom IoT solutions that guarantee business value.

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Fathym Ecosystem Architecture

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