Technology is transforming how people communicate. A phone call? It’s now a text. An old-fashioned fax has given way to the smartphone. Everything is changing — and as it does, the requirements of app users are changing as well.

They need anytime, anywhere access because many of them no longer work solely from the office. Access must be consistent, reliable and uninterrupted. Plus, as their needs grow, so must their resources. And oftentimes, they must scale at a moment’s notice.

Fathym provides a rapid prototyping engine, which allows customers to get involved with IoT with less risk. Our applications operate through the cloud which meets the evolving needs of users, and allows for greater scalability. But what are the other benefits of a cloud-based solution?

Rapid Deployment, Supporting Growth

Are you planning for future growth? If so, Fathym is built to support that growth through our cloud-based infrastructure. We help you get started with launching a new IoT project, from the initial setup to quickly deploying your app. After your app is built, you also need the ability to quickly adjust for growth. You need the flexibility to scale — without spending a fortune.

Cloud-based technology is the solution. As your needs change, you can scale up or down. Cloud has many other benefits, including:

  • The ability to act faster. Get access to the exact resources you need at the moment of relevance. When your customers’ needs change, you no longer lose valuable time adjusting. Instead, take advantage of cloud resources by quickly scaling.
  • Minimizing up-front costs as you grow. Take advantage of tighter cost controls as you grow. Expand your needs without the large price tag or up-front capital expenditure.
  • Reliable infrastructure. Fathym is flexible and has the ability to run on many different clouds. Currently, we run on Microsoft Azure. As a result, our clients experience peace of mind through a dependable, secure and redundant solution.

Harness the power of cloud scalability today.

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