Today’s data is locked in silos, both on a system-by-system basis and by vertical use. The client-server model of the internet is imprisoning the data, preventing it from moving freely and providing valuable insights. But Fathym is breaking down the barriers.

The Fathym platform is designed to promote a genuinely connected world, where artificial barriers between pieces of information vanish, data flows freely, and data fuses for optimal understanding and collaboration. But how does this work and what are the benefits?

Visibility at Your Fingertips

Data holds the key to answering questions that matter most to your business, whether you operate a retail store, trucking company or other large enterprise. But if you can’t unlock the data, the answers are lost forever.

Fathym enables data fusion. Get access to the full range of data — not just what’s present on a single system. Our technology provides a variety of benefits, including the following:

    • Gain the ability to better understand incoming data. There is a vast amount of data available, but making sense of that data is often a challenge. Fathym helps you connect all the pieces through IoT data visualizations and analytics. Track app usage, user statistics and other critical elements to truly understand your business.
    • Access diverse data through a single dashboard. Minimize complexity by having all data available through a single dashboard. No more toggling between various screens — everything you need is right in front of you.
    • Tap into data without additional complexity. Accessible data has finally arrived. Fathym lets you fuse data from various sensors, devices and data feeds into one central data management and visualization platform.
    • Enjoy data flexibility. IoT Data Visualizations and data dashboards are easily used with data sets from a variety of locations, providing a simple and user-friendly solution. Pair incoming data elements easily with IoT data visualization to provide optimal understanding and insights.
    • View historical information. Discover the future by understanding the past through historical data. Plus, after you store the data, Fathym can run inquiries in the future, pulling out those previous data sets.
    • Use a rules engine. Do you have specific data sets that are critical? If so, create custom alerts and notifications based on that incoming data.
    • Leverage charting to visualize and interpret data. View data in a way that makes the most sense to you, whether it’s a map, bar chart or gauges.
    • Grant permissions for greater control and security. Control your data through the ability to grant viewing and editing access to specific users or user groups. Set up dashboards for all members and facets of your organization – from management to maintenance to sales – with each group only seeing the data most critical to them.

The Fathym technology will transform how you think about devices, people and physical systems. The technology is fully integrated, resulting in better results from each IoT project that you launch.

Foster innovation through data flexibility, fusion and IoT data analytics today.

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