The growth of social networking has exploded. In fact, 78 percent of the U.S. population has at least one social networking profile, and more than 2.5 billion users are expected worldwide by 2018. Social capabilities are no longer something users want — they are expected.

Meeting these rising expectations isn’t always easy, but Fathym makes it simple through social groups. You can provide apps and dashboards with custom user sign-ins, personalized profiles, “following capabilities,” social groups and other popular social network capabilities. But how does this work and what are the benefits?

Driving Greater Efficiency through Social

Social groups offer benefits to companies of all sizes and industries. With this functionality, you can add multiple users to the same dashboard, which allows for real-time chatting, commenting and collaboration. Other benefits include:

  • Greater engagement. Social interaction elevates engagement to an entirely new level. Users can collaborate anytime, from anywhere, through cloud technology.
  • Real-time chatting and commenting. When users communicate in real time, they’re able to collaborate with greater efficiency and ease.
  • Enhanced innovation. Social groups encourage the free flow of ideas, spurring innovation. Users can collaborate and interact directly through the app, which saves time and encourages the quick, on-the-fly sharing of ideas.
  • Key information resides in one central place. This allows information to be more effectively controlled and located, and to be sorted with greater ease.
  • Collaboration. Users can add content to shared spaces, allowing for efficient, accessible team collaboration.
  • Fostering relationships. Launching social groups within your project not only allows the free sharing of ideas, but it also promotes brand loyalty. The more interaction users have with your technology, the more comfortable and excited they are about the technology.

Even if you’ve never had social groups before, adding this capability will quickly take your next IoT project to a new level. Best of all, when using Fathym, you no longer deal with the complexities that accompany the deployment of social capabilities. We handle it for you.

Boost innovation with social groups today.

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